Santa Mozzarella meaning: Luca's best catchphrases explored

Eve Edwards June 19, 2021
Santa Mozzarella meaning: Luca's best catchphrases explored


Since the release of Luca to Disney+ on 18 June 2021, fans have been going crazy for the film’s catchphrase.

The latest of Disney-Pixar’s animated efforts follows two best friends throughout a summer in the Italian Riviera. Like any good coming-of-age story, the plot has a good dose of conflict for our main characters to overcome. It’s hooked on Luca’s secret that he is a sea monster spending summer in a town which famously hates (and hunts) sea monsters.

Besides the stunning animation and heartwarming friendships featured in Luca, viewers have been non-stop talking about the film’s creative catchphrases.

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All the best catchphrases from Luca

There are a number of notable catchphrases used throughout the new Pixar flick.

One viewer jokingly tweeted: “If you hear me saying, “Silenzio, Bruno” this weekend, I’m not sorry.”

Some of Luca’s notable catchphrases include: Silenzio, Bruno; Ragazzi; Santa Ricotta; Santa Gorgonzola; and of course, Santa Mozzarella.

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Meaning of “Santa Mozzarella” explored

Although some of the film’s phrases such as “Ragazzi” and “Silenzio, Bruno” have real Italian translation and meaning, the cheese-themed catchphrases were conjured up by the Pixar team.

“Santa” translates to “holy” in Italian. Mozzarella is, of course, the cheese famous the world over for appearing on top of pizza. So, when they say “Santa Mozzarella” in Luca, they are really just saying “Holy Mozzarella.”

It is a made-up exclamation to be used in a variety of settings.

Some viewers needed reassurance that “Santa Mozzarella” was not some famed Italian expression.

One viewer tweeted: “So far…Luca….. ”Santa Mozzarella”???? I may not be Italian, but I’m 99% sure they don’t say THAT.”

Another wrote: “Italian people, please reassure me, you don’t actually say Santa Mozzarella do you?”

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