SAS: Rise Of The Black Swan was added to Netflix on Friday (27 August), with many having since taken to the streaming platform to watch the action-thriller over the weekend. Following its release, some have since wondered about the Rise Of The Black Swan’s ending. Warning spoilers ahead!

What is the Rise Of The Black Swan about?

SAS: Rise of the Black Swan is a British action thriller that was first released in the UK earlier this year in March. At the time, the film was known to viewers as SAS: Red Notice, although following its addition to Netflix it seems to have updated its title.

The film, which was added to the streaming platform on Friday (27 August), was directed by Magnus Martens and stars Outlander’s Sam Heughan, Orange Is The New Black’s Ruby Rose and Black Sails star Tom Hopper.

Rise of the Black Swan is adapted from the 2012 novel Red Notice by former SAS soldier Andy McNab.

Its plot follows the story of Tom Buckingham (Sam Heughan), a suspended special forces operator, on his travels to Paris for a romantic getaway with his girlfriend, Dr. Sophie Hart (Hannah John-Kamen), to who he plans to propose.

Although their trip is soon cut short as their train is hijacked by a group of mercenaries during its course through the channel tunnel.

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Rise Of The Black Swan ending explained

Following their train being hijacked SAS agent Tom Buckingham goes on to help handle the hostage situation before finally battling their leader Grace Lewis (Ruby Rose). The pair are then seen to go head to head which results in the eventual death of Lewis.

The film later ends as Buckingham commits to his girlfriend Dr Sophie Hart as they tie the knot in a private ceremony in Mallorca.

Although as the couple say their I dos, they are interrupted as Buckingham receives a call alerting him to the location of Declan Smith (Tom Hopper) a fellow SAS agent who is revealed to be a mole working for the leader of the hijackers, Grace Lewis.

Buckingham is then said to start a new mission to find Smith as he takes a “raincheck” on his honeymoon with his newly wedded wife.

As the ending of the film is seen to allude to a new mission, some have since wondered if there could be a second instalment. According to Market Research Telecast, the story could continue in the future as Andy McNab wrote two other novels featuring the character of Tom Buckingham.

Twitter reacts to Netflix film ending

Following the film’s addition to Netflix on Friday, many have since taken to Twitter as they share their thoughts on the film’s ending:

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