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Where to watch Purgatory 2021: Streaming or movie theatres?

Darcy Rafter October 26, 2021
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Polish director Michael Kondrat’s new 2021 film Purgatory follows how the modern world feels about the unknown fear of death. Here’s where to watch it and whether you can stream the film or go to the movie theatre.

Coming from the creator of “ Love and Mercy: Faustina” and “Two Crowns” Purgatory tells the story of the afterlife and how humans respond to it.

People have been wondering what happens after death for centuries and the characters of this film explore this further.

Where to watch Purgatory 2021: Streaming or movie theatres?

Purgatory is available to watch in select movie theatres in the USA in October. It is only available to watch on the dates of the 25th and the 28th.

With a star-studded cast Purgatory involves the likes of: Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Philippe Tłokiński, Ida Nowakowska, Kamila Kamińska, Olga Bończyk, Marcin Kwaśny, Małgorzata Lewińska, Maria Niklińska, Henryk Gołębiewski, Dorota Piasecka, and Mateusz Dobies.

Purgatory 2021 plot

The film centres around the life of a Polish mystic called Fulla Horak. During the 1920s she used to be a strong atheist and challenged a Christian friend’s faith whilst at a party.

Years later Fulla Horak was not only a Catholic but God had allowed her to see the souls in Purgatory. She compiled her visions into a book which was titled Afterlife. Other mystics, such as Padre Pio also aided Horak and her visions.

Horak continues to have visions of souls who are begging her to pray for them and is mourning how their own family have already forgotten them.

One of them was St. Stanislaus Papczyński, who died in 1701. He founded the Marian Fathers after having visions of the Holy Spirit, the memory of the souls who are not alive are intense within him, particularly strong in him. He recommended to his brethren: “Pray, brothers, for the souls in Purgatory, for they suffer an unbearable torment”.

The film displays a major revelation and answers what the purgatory understood about life after death. Book theatre tickets now to watch this intense horror.

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