Planet Of The humans – the elephant in the room

Luis Santos May 13, 2020
Planet Of The humans – the elephant in the room

The elephant in the room after watching controversial documentary Planet Of The Humans is the future of renewables.

The film is a collaboration between Michael Moore, Jeff Gibbs and Ozzie Zehner.

Have they deliberately dropped Planet Of The Humans like a bombshell in these days of self-confinement? Some will deem the documentary slanderous and outrageous, while others will find it enlightening. Once digested, the question remains how we can debunk this resource-driven world.

“The sun doesn’t always shine, the wind doesn’t always blow and, the fact is, intermittency has not been solved”

Excerpt from Planet Of The Humans

Fuelling our entire existence

Planet Of The Humans may also stand as the ultimate conspiracy theorist’s dream as it seeks to corroborate allegations.

To my mind, the definition of a conspiracy theorist would be the inner child in all of us. It would say: “Something’s fishy here and, although I might not have all the facts, a gut feeling tells me something’s wrong.”
Planet of The Humans

Society needs that inner child asking those questions so it turns into an investigation. Moreover, in normal society those investigations should end in a court of law, which Planet Of The Humans requests.


At a time when the fight against climate change climbs to ethical levels, the US is rolling back environmental policies.

Who’s to blame? The documentary claims one week of worldwide lock-down has produced more environmental benefits to our planet than 30 years of the so-called ‘green’ energy industry.

Planet Of The Humans tells us it’s far more dangerous to produce green energy than to burn fossil fuel alone.

Where do we stand?

A call for science to intervene seems pointless. Covid-19 has revealed every institution suffers from lobby pressure. Divided, it seems as though the world can’t even agree on how and what to make of this pandemic.

With science telling us our primary source of life – the sun – has achieved middle age, with fewer than six billions years to live, why should we bother?

Hiding our ignorance

Coming to this conclusion in the form of a question, the first half of Planet Of The Humans goes into the numbers. Its reality check bites the soul by accusing eco-friendly organisations and their sponsors of being part of a sausage machine for profits.

Once all facts are exposed, Planet Of The Humans plays ‘show, don’t tell’ as Gibbs visits events that promote a ‘better green world’.

To see so many people accused of preaching about something they don’t fully understand, the film is as heartbreaking as a vegan asking for a salad in a butcher’s shop.

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