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Is Pico Pies from The Valet a real restaurant? Filming locations explored

Eve Edwards May 25, 2022

Pico Pies is one of the key locations throughout The Valet, but is it a real LA restaurant?

We all want to know how to get our hands on some of Pico’s pizzas…

The Valet. (Photo by: Dan McFadden/Hulu)

Pico Pies plays an important role in The Valet

This month sees the release of Hulu’s The Valet, a remake of 2007 French film La Doublure. It follows Hollywood actress Olivia Allan (Samara Weaving) navigate a PR disaster as she is papped with her married lover Vincent (Max Greenfield).

To avoid scandal, Olivia strikes up a fake relationship with Antonio Flores (Eugenio Derbez), a valet who was also caught in the paparazzi picture. Antonio introduces Olivia to Pico Pies as their faux romance blooms. Here’s what you need to know about the filming location.

Is Pico Pies a real restaurant?

No. Unfortunately for those viewers of The Valet who thought Pico Pies resembled a real restaurant, it is actually a set.

Filming for The Valet took place in May 2021. Canadian photographer Christopher Moloney spotted the set of The Valet being constructed for the film.

Moloney’s picture (below) shows the unfinished set on its way to becoming the restaurant we see in The Valet. The Pico Pies set features its unmistakable green-and-yellow theme as well as the outdoor lighting. The outdoor seating had yet to be installed by that point.

Take a look:

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Where was The Valet filmed?

Although the action of The Valet takes place in Beverly Hills, fitting for its Hollywood storyline, it was actually filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

The state of Georgia has increasingly become a popular location for the TV and film industry. Plenty of major projects such as Stranger Things and the Marvel films were shot in Georgia. This is helped by the fact the state has a transferable 20 per cent tax credit for eligible productions, as reported by The Cinemaholic.

Some of the notable locations used in the film include The Georgian Terrace and Jackson Street Bridge. Those hailing from Atlanta will know both landmarks well.

Stream The Valet on Hulu or Disney+ now.

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