Mystery 101 Deadly History ending explained. Jill Wagner returns as everyone’s favourite mystery sleuth. English professor Amy Winslow has a new crime to solve as Hallmark has just released its new Mystery 101 movie Deadly History. We take a look at the ending and explain exactly what happened in that cliffhanger.

Warning spoilers ahead!

What is Hallmark’s new Mystery 101 film?

The Mystery 101 series is a group of movies created by Lee Goldberg and Robin Bernheim. They all star Jill Wagner as Amy Winslow, who is an English Literature professor, with expertise in mystery and crime fiction.

Kristoffer Polaha returns as police Detective Travis Burke, alongside Robin Thomas as Graham Winslow, Amy’s dad.

This new film, Deadly History, sees a college student found dead, and Amy must work alongside Travis to uncover and catch the killer.

There are now seven Mystery 101 movies in total, including Mystery 101, Playing Dead, Words Can Kill, Dead Talk, An Education In Murder, Killer Timing and now Deadly History.

Mystery 101 Deadly History ending explained

In this movie Travis is finally integrating into the Winslow family. However, we also learn more about his tragic backstory with his previous marriage, which explains his current resistance to a relationship.

The ending of this movie was somewhat chaotic, with Alistair realising at the end that in reality he had misinterpreted the threatening note, and that it was not alluding to a murder, but to his affair.

However, the true cliffhanger of the film saw Travis and Amy finally admitting that they loved each other. But this sweet connection did not last long as we suddenly time jumped eleven months forward and Amy was now engaged to another man. Talk about confusing!

We also find out that her new fiancé has potentially been murdered, and see Travis and Amy reunite on this crime scene and stare at each other through the rain.

Many fans found this ending incredibly fast and confusing.

We can’t wait to see why the writers decided to break this couple up, or what they have in store for the next instalment of the series.

When is the Mystery 101 episode 8 release date

At the moment there has not been a scheduled released date released for the next instalment of the Mystery 101 series.

However, Hallmark have been releasing these movies at a record pace, with four released in 2019, one in 2020 and two in 2021 already.

This could suggest that another film is not too far on the horizon. However, star Jill Wagner is currently pregnant, so fans may have to be patient until she can film the next movie.

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