Mommy Loves You To Death vs Smile: Evil Dead fans find new movie poster familiar

Ella Kipling January 4, 2023
Mommy Loves You To Death vs Smile: Evil Dead fans find new movie poster familiar
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Fans on Twitter have seen their first glimpse of Evil Dead Rise, and the poster featuring the tagline “Mommy Loves You to Death” has been compared to the Smile poster by eagle-eyed internet users.

The Evil Dead franchise was created by Sam Raimi back in 1981, and the latest instalment was written by Lee Cronin.

Bruce Campbell, the star of the original films, serves as an executive producer on Evil Dead Rise.

Campbell said: “Even though I’m not in this film, as a producer I’m all over this movie like a cheap suit. I guess you could say, I have a hand in it.”

New poster for Evil Dead Rise is released: Mommy Loves You to Death

The new poster for the Evil Dead Rise movie has finally been released on Twitter.

Accompanied with the tagline “Mommy Loves You to Death,” the poster features a terrifying looking women grinning whilst looking into the camera.

She is holding three children to her chest with her hands on the backs of their heads and her hands are bloodied and pale.

Evil Dead Rise will be released in UK cinemas from April 21, 2023.

Fans spot similarities with Smile poster

Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

The creepy smile in the poster has had some fans commenting on the similarity to the Smile poster.

Smile came out in September 2022 and its promotional content featured the characters smiling widely on posters, as well as having actors attending baseball games and grinning creepily from the stands.

One Twitter user commented on the Evil Dead poster with a picture of the Smile poster and wrote: “We’re not talking about how it’s almost the same smile/face?”

Another said: “Poster has Smile meets Mama vibes… But I’m hoping the film still feels like an Evil Dead film rather than a trend-led horror.”

“Not gonna lie, if I didn’t see the Evil Dead logo I would have 100 believed you if you said this was for a Smile sequel,” a third tweeted.

Others are less convinced by the comparisons to Smile

While some Twitter users saw similarities between the movie posters, plenty of Evil Dead fans were less convinced.

They pointed out that the Deadites (the monsters in the franchise) all have large, creepy smiles.

One fan said: “I can tell who hasn’t seen the Evil dead movies lol the deadites all smile creepy like that.”

“Isn’t Evil Dead more known for it’s creatures being giddy while they kill anyway? Never seen Smile but I feel like people are grasping at straws for that one,” someone else said about people commenting on the similarities.

What do we know about the ‘Mommy Loves You to Death’ horror?

Evil Dead Rise will be released in UK cinemas from April 21, 2023.

The “Mommy Loves You to Death” film will follow Beth (played by Lily Sullivan) whose visit to her older sister Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) is disrupted by the discovery of a mysterious book. As expected, we see the return of the parasitic demons, the Deadites.

Evil Dead Rise will be set in the city and tells the story of the two sisters who face “the most nightmarish version of family imaginable” and are thus forced into a “primal battle for survival”.

Fans should expect a lot of goriness, according to Cronin, who told Empire that the film “straps you onto a rocket that’s fueled by blood.”

“You can either get off or you can stay on ’til it explodes,” he continued.

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