Misha And The Wolves released to the American Netflix site on Wednesday, 11 August 2021. The new documentary follows the story of Misha Defonseca and her 1997 memoir Misha: A Mémoire Of The Holocaust Years. Following its release, some are curious to know more about Misha Defonseca’s husband, Maurice. Let’s get acquainted with the pair.

Who is Misha Defonseca?

Misha Defonseca is a Belgian writer best known for her memoir Misha: A Mémoire Of The Holocaust Years.

The 1997 book saw Defonseca open up about her childhood experience fleeing Belgium and travelling across Europe in search of her parents. In her memoir, her parents were apprehended when the Nazis invaded Belgium in May 1940.

Publisher Jane Daniel, who initially convinced her to write the memoir, later started to question Defonseca’s account.

According to a 2008 article, Daniel uncovered a baptism certificate and school records that revealed Misha Defonseca was enrolled in September 1943, which was two years after Defonseca was said to have fled Brussels. She also was discovered under the name Monique De Wael.

Defonseca later admitted her account was fictional to Belgian national newspaper Le Soir in February the same year.

Misha and the Wolves | Trailer

Misha and the Wolves | Trailer

Who is Misha Defonseca’s husband?

Misha is married to Maurice Defonseca, who she is said to have met while working at the same company in Brussels. Maurice had spent his career working for computer firm Honeywell Bull.

The couple later lived in Paris and would only move to the US in December 1985. The move happened after Maurice had secured work for a company in Boston, Massachusetts.

Maurice is Defonseca’s second husband. Before Maurice, Misha had been married to a Belgian named Morris Levy. Together, Misha and Morris had one son.

Defonseca and her husband kept a low profile following her admission regarding the memoir but, as per a 2014 article from MassLive, we know they were living in Dudley, Massachusetts, at the time.

According to Newsweek, the end of the documentary reveals she and her husband still live together in Massachusetts.

Where can I watch Misha And The Wolves?

Misha And The Wolves is available for US audiences on Netflix and was added to the platform today (Wednesday, 11 August).

The documentary will be available to watch in UK cinemas from 3 September.

It is unconfirmed as of yet when – or if – the film will arrive on Netflix for viewers outside the US.

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