M. Night Shyamalan’s ageing horror flick Old is finally here, arriving in theatres on Friday, 23 July 2021.

The director’s latest project is based on the 2010 graphic novel Sandcastle. It follows a family on a tropical holiday who discover that the paradisiacal beach they are on causes them to age rapidly. This thought-to-be relaxing day at the beach has their lives literally flashing before their eyes.

One of the more unusual aspects of the film – besides its premise – is the presence of a rapper called Mid-Sized Sedan. Since the film’s release, viewers have been non-stop talking about Mid-Sized Sedan. He’s clearly become the fan-favourite! Let’s take a look at the role.

Who is Mid-Sized Sedan in Old?

In the film, Mid-Sized Sedan is a popular rapper already stationed at the beach when the family arrives. He’s nursing a nosebleed and waiting on his date to return from her swim out to sea.

Mid-Sized Sedan doesn’t largely affect the plot. In fact, most of the time, Mid-Sized just stands by uttering “Damn,” offering some comedic relief. But despite his limited role in the film, he has made a significant impact on audiences.

English actor Aaron Pierre, 27, takes on the role of the rapper. Aaron notably stars as Caesar in the Amazon adaptation of The Underground Railroad. The series was released earlier this year with praise being heaped on both the show and Aaron’s acting. One critic described his performance as “unforgettable.” It would seem his performance as Mid-Sized Sedan in Old is similarly unforgettable.

Old fans react to the movie’s rapper

Critics have been stumped over the addition of this character, describing it as part of Shyamalan’s “clunkier writing choices.” However, Mid-Sized Sedan seems to be going down a treat with fans.

One Twitter user joked: “No longer interested in the Kanye album as I only want to hear Midsize Sedan’s debut mixtape”

Others are patiently awaiting the day that Mid-Sized Sedan will release his first project.

So, no Mid-Sized Sedan is not real!

Unfortunately for those who tuned into Old and became fans of Mid-Sized Sedan, he is purely a fictional character and it doesn’t look like Aaron Pierre will be reprising the role anytime.

Mid-Sized Sedan will just have to remain as he was, trapped at the beach and remaining a permanent fixture in our minds and hearts.

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