Meet the actor playing Khalil in Honk For Jesus Save Your Soul

Eve Edwards September 5, 2022
Meet the actor playing Khalil in Honk For Jesus Save Your Soul


Honk For Jesus Save Your Soul is fast becoming one of this season’s most talked-about movies with bright young stars holding their own against established Hollywood actors in the Peacock mockumentary – and one of the movie’s younger characters is Khalil, who plays a pivotal role in the story.

***SPOILER WARNING*** Details of Honk For Jesus Save Your Soul will be discussed throughout this piece.

Honk For Jesus, directed by Adamma Ebo, was released to Peacock on September 2, 2022. Based on Ebo’s short film of the same name, Honk For Jesus has an impressive team at its helm. Produced by Jordan Peele, Daniel Kaluuya, Regina Hall and Sterling K Brown, the latter two starring in the lead roles, the mockumentary has Hollywood steering it to success.

But it is the lesser known actors in Honk For Jesus who are really captivating the audience’s imagination, notably the actor who plays Khalil.

Honk For Jesus Save Your Soul sees Khalil embroiled in church scandal

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Honk For Jesus Save Your Soul – styled Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul. (note periods) – follows Trinitie (Regina Hall) and Lee-Curtis Childs (Sterling K Brown), the first lady and pastor of a Southern Baptist megachurch. Trinitie and Lee-Curtis once served a congregation of tens of thousands but a scandal forces their church to close its doors.

The mockumentary explores Trinitie and Lee-Curtis’ attempts to make a comeback without revealing details of the scandal that rocked their world.

Khalil is one of five men who accuses Lee-Curtis Childs of sexual impropriety. In a tense scene, we finally get to see Khalil confront Lee-Curtis while he and Trinitie are roadside encouraging drivers to “honk for Jesus.”

The actor who plays Khalil is actually the son of a pastor

The young actor portraying Khalil is Austin Crute. The 26-year-old was born on October 24, 1995 in Georgia and appears in Honk For Jesus off the back of another Peacock movie, They/Them, released in August 2022.

Speaking to Latino Review Media at the Honk For Jesus premiere on August 22, Crute told Gig Patta: “I love how seen I feel [in this movie]. I grew up in the church, I’m a pastor’s kid and my mom is a first lady. She is going to need this movie more than even me because Regina [Hall]’s character… it’s the first time I’ve ever seen that type of character depicted like that on screen – ever.”

With such a family background, Crute revealed it allowed him to channel his “real life” into the role.

Besides his work as an actor, Crute is also a singer and often shares videos of his performances to Instagram. You can find Austin Crute on Instagram under the handle @austincrute.

House Of The Dragon | Weeks Ahead Trailer | Sky Atlantic

House Of The Dragon | Weeks Ahead Trailer | Sky Atlantic

What else has Austin Crute starred in?

Although Crute has only been professionally acting since 2016, he has already racked up a number of credits.

Crute’s debut role was in FX comedy drama Atlanta, appearing as Justin Bieber in episode 5 season 1 entitled Nobody Beats the Biebs. Crute went on to star as Lamar in Orange Is The New Black (2018), Alan in Booksmart (2019), and Wesley Fists in Netflix post-apocalyptic drama Daybreak (2019).

Other productions Crute has been involved with include Trinkets (2020), Call Your Mother (2021), and more recently Tankhouse (2022).

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