Who voices Mariano Guzman in Encanto, and why do they sound familiar?

Amber Peake December 27, 2021
Who voices Mariano Guzman in Encanto, and why do they sound familiar?


Disney’s latest release centres around the magical family that is Madrigals. Each family member has become known for their own unique powers, some of which include super hearing and the ability to talk to animals.

Mirabel is the only family member not seen to possess a power of her own, with the film following her struggle to find her own identity.

The film made its way to Disney+ on Christmas Eve, and as fans watch it over the festive holidays, some seem to have become curious about the movies’ voice cast. We explore who voices Mariano Guzman in Encanto and why they may sound familiar.

Encanto | Official Trailer | DisneyPlus Hotstar

Encanto | Official Trailer | DisneyPlus Hotstar
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Who is Mariano Guzman?

Audiences are first introduced to Mariano Guzman as the soon-to-be fiancé of Isabela, the eldest sister of Mirabel.

Mariano plans to propose to Isabela at a family dinner with the Madrigals, although this does not go to plan as their different powers seemingly cause chaos to ensue.

While it didn’t work out with Isabella, he later finds love with Isabela and Mirabel’s cousin Delores who had a secret crush on him.

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Who voices Mariano Guzman in Encanto?

Encanto’s Mariano Guzman is voiced by Colombian singer Maluma, whose real name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias.

Some may be familiar with Maluma for his collaborations with music industry giants, including Madonna and Shakira and The Weekend.

The artist has also become known in his own right having had 20 number ones on Billboard’s Latin Airplay chart.

Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
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What else has he been in?

As per the artist’s IMDb, his role in Encanto seems to be one of Maluma’s only acting credits to date, away from his music videos.

However, he is set to feature in a couple of upcoming projects, including the 2022 film Marry Me alongside Jennifer Lopez.

Elsewhere he also has several soundtrack credits to his name and is listed as writer and singer on The Addams Family 2 track Crazy Family as he features alongside Megan Thee Stallion and Rock Mafia.

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