Where was Madame Claude filmed? Netflix film explores real-life story of Fernande Grudet

Amber Peake April 2, 2021

Where was Madame Claude filmed? Madame Claude was released to Netflix today (Friday, 2 April) and with the film exploring the life of  French brothel-keeper Fernande Grudet. Amid its release fans want to know where the drama was filmed.

Where was Madame Claude filmed? 

The new drama is set in 1960’s Paris, and therefore, iconic scenes of the French capital can be seen throughout the film.

As well as Paris, other filming locations include around the Île-de-France, the region that surrounds the capital city.

Filming of the 2021 film began in 2019, meaning it was not affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

(Credit: Netflix)

The story behind Madame Claude

The Netflix film references the real-life story of Fernande Grudet, better known as Madame Claude.

The plot of the drama follows her success 1960’s Paris, a time where she was known as one of the most powerful brothel keepers.

Her status meant she shared political connections around the world, which extended outside of France.

(Credit: Netflix)

Showing another side to Madame Claude

The film is directed by Sylvie Verheyde known for her films Sex Doll (2016) and Stella (2008).

Sylvie has previously spoken of wanting to share the “behind the scenes” of Fernande Grudet’s life within the new film.

Talking to AFP, Sylvie Verheyde explained: “There is the image of Madame Claude: of Paris, beautiful dresses and big hotels, power…what interested me was what was happening behind the scenes.”

Madame Claude is available to watch on Netflix now.