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Where to watch Licorice Pizza: Is the movie streaming?

Darcy Rafter January 17, 2022
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Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest coming-of-age film to hit the big screens is entitled Licorice Pizza. Starring Alana Haim, Cooper Hoffman and the one and only Bradley Cooper, fans can’t wait to delve into the story. First, they want to discover where they can watch Licorice Pizza and whether the movie is accessible on streaming platforms.

Set in Los Angeles, this nostalgia-fuelled film will leave you wanting to travel back in time to the golden age of Hollywood. The story follows the lives of Alana Kane and Gary Valentine as they grow up and venture on their first experiences of love, relationships and life in San Fernando Valley in 1973.

So let’s discover where you can watch Licorice Pizza and whether it’s on streaming platforms or in cinemas.

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Licorice Pizza | Official Trailer | MGM Studios

Licorice Pizza | Official Trailer | MGM Studios

Is Licorice Pizza streaming or in theatres?

Liquorice Pizza is only in theatres.

You won’t be able to watch Licorice Pizza on any streaming platform as of yet. With its extended theatrical release, there have been no plans announced for when and whether the film will hit streaming sites.

However, since it’s a smaller film, there is a high chance it may head to streaming platforms earlier than expected, perhaps as early as February.

Where to watch Licorice Pizza

You can watch the film in cinemas right now. However, make sure to check the cinemas near you to make sure it’s screening Licorice Pizza. That’s is because the amount of theatres showing the film has been reduced significantly. It was originally set to be released to about 2,000 screens but that has been reduced to 800 venues.

As Licorice Pizza was released for a limited theatrical run on 26 November and then a wider national release on 25 December. The production was released by MGM and that could mean good things for fans who want to stream it following its theatre release. Amazon recently acquired MGM for $8.45 billion, meaning the film will undoubtedly hit Prime when its 45-day cinema release is over.

Latest comedy Licorice Pizza explored

Set in the 1970s, this era seems to be a favourite for Anderson as it also happens to be the time period in which he was born and grew up. His work is obviously influenced by the cinema styles of that era, particularly Martin Scorsese who seems to have a direct influence on his work.

This is obvious in one of the tensest moments in the film – the moving truck scene – following Gary’s vandalism of John Peters’ sports car. His car has ended up running out of petrol and, when Alana discovers her moving truck has also run out of petrol, she resorts to drastic action.

That means going downhill backwards and getting more petrol in the pitch black. With the audience on the edge of their seats wondering whether she’ll make it to the bottom safely.

Fans react to Licorice Pizza release

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