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Last Night In Soho 2021 intense film ending explained

Darcy Rafter October 27, 2021
Last Night In Soho 2021 intense film ending explained


Last Night In Soho 2021 is the latest Psychological horror which is set to release Friday, 29th October 2021. With an intense ending, let’s discover what plot twists go down.

Back in May, the film was given an October release date, confirmed by the first official promotional content. Now horror lovers are counting down the sleeps until they can see it in the cinema.

Read on to discover what the plot twist is at the end of Last Night In Soho, but be warned…spoilers to follow!

Last Night In Soho 2021plot

Eloise “Ellie” Turner aka Thomasin McKenzie, has big dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Ellie’s mother had similar desires to work as a fashion designer and even moved to London but died shortly after from suicide. Now Ellie sees her mother in every mirror, almost like a ghost that haunts her.

Ellie follows in her mum’s footsteps and moves to London for fashion school but her gran becomes worried for her as she can sense emotions others can’t. Her strong psychic tells her something is wrong.

The wannabe designer’s London flatmates tease her for wearing handmade clothes inspired by her hometown of Cornwall. To get away from them she moves out on her own and rents a flat from Ms Collins aka Diana Rigg.

Things are going well for Ellie until she begins to dream of being Sandy who was a young confident woman that lived in 1966 London. Her imagination between reality and fantasy begin to blur, and Ellie’s new dreams become nightmares.

Ellie starts to become Sandy when she sleeps and Ellie begins to watch Sandy from across the room or she will become Ellie’s reflection in the mirror. It seems like she is schizophrenic and viewers start to worry if she will ever escape being in Sandy’s life.

Last Night In Soho 2021 film ending explained

The twist ending probably won’t surprise many viewers. Ellie learns that the dead body of Sandie that she sees is actually the spirit of her after many experiences of abuse.

Sandie is still alive, and she is actually Ellie’s landlord, this detail is practically picked up from the beginning. This also explains how Sandie has murdered all of her past abusers and explains why Ellie is being haunted by the male ghosts. Sandie’s main abuser was thought to be an old man that was following Ellie around. However, he is actually a police officer that tried to warn Sandie, meaning her actual abuser was dead.

The final twist of the film seems to make no sense in the plot and what is even more confusing, is that it doesn’t seem to symbolise much either. Sandie tries to kill Ellie, just like she killed the men that abused her. She tries to murder Ellie and her boyfriend multiple times but then suddenly changes her mind. The viewer is then presented with the male ghosts who are asking Ellie to kill Sandie and the final scene begins to conclude.

Last Night In Soho | Official Trailer 3

Last Night In Soho | Official Trailer 3

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