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What is that car from the movie Jolt? Chase scene with green McLaren leaves fans reeling

Amber Peake July 26, 2021
What is that car from the movie Jolt? Chase scene with green McLaren leaves fans reeling


Action thriller Jolt premiered on Friday, 23 July. Following its release, some are now curious to know more about the Jolt movie car – a dazzling green McLaren, which caught the attention of viewers as it featured in an intense car chase.

What is Jolt the movie about?

The film follows the main protagonist, Lindy, as she tries to manage a neurological condition called Intermittent explosive disorder, which causes her to act out in a violent rage.

After a guy Lindy has been dating is murdered, the character who is played by Kate Beckinsale goes on a quest to seek revenge.

Beckinsale joins fellow cast members Jai Courtney (Justin), Stanley Tucci (Dr. Munchin), Bobby Cannavale (Detective Vicars) and Laverne Cox (Detective Nevin).

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Jolt | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Jolt | Official Trailer | Prime Video

What car features in Jolt the movie?

In the film, Lindy is seen stealing a car as she goes on a high-speed chase with police. The scene sees the character driving a green sports car, with many wondering its model.

According to the Product Placement Blog, the car is reported to be a McLaren 600LT Napier Green Sports Car, also known as the 600LT Spider.

McLaren is well known for their fast cars with the 600LT Spider no exception as it is said to be able to go from 0 – 62mph in 2.9 seconds. According to the McLaren site, the car is available to buy from a whopping a £201,500.

As the car features within the 2021 film, some have taken to Twitter as they react to the eye-catching luxe car:

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Where is the film available to watch?

Jolt is an Amazon original, meaning it is exclusive to Prime Video and joins many TV shows and movies currently available on the streaming platform.

The adventure thriller arrived on the service last week, Friday, 23 July, and as many watched the film over the weekend it has since received a rating of 35% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Since dropping on Prime, many sites have speculated whether there will be a second instalment of the film. Addressing the possibility of a sequel, Kate Beckinsale has said she would be open to it.

While chatting to Screen Rant, she explained: “I actually would like to see more. I do think there’s a slightly open gap for sassy, funny, irreverent, flawed female action.”

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