Who is mysterious Jilly Ruffalo from The Many Saints Of Newark?

Darcy Rafter October 13, 2021

Avid watchers of The Many Saints Of Newark want to know more about the mysterious character of Jilly Ruffalo. Let’s explore the role of the character in depth.

Questions from The Sopranos episode “For All Debts Public and Private,” which was season 4 episode 1 of the series has been answered in The Many Saints of Newark.

Tony tells Christopher that Dickie was shot in cold blood outside his home in the 1970s after getting into a fight with Jilly Ruffalo. Let’s find out what went down.

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The Many Saints of Newark | Official Trailer #2 | HBO Max

The Many Saints of Newark | Official Trailer #2 | HBO Max

Who is Jilly Ruffalo?

Jilly Ruffalo is a criminal played by Ed Marinaro.

He was in prison at the same time that Dickie was in jail. Jilly ordered Barry to kill Dickie and this results in him getting his eyes gouged out.

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What mysterious role does the character play?

Tony orders Christopher to kill Barry Haydu, who Tony claims killed Dickie on behalf of Jilly Ruffalo. Tony explains how Jilly was in prison with Dickie and murdered Dickie’s cellmate long ago.

Years later, Dickie sought revenge and gouged Jilly’s eyes out. This can be seen when Dickie clears a table and grabs a drill as payback. Jilly then hired the corrupt cop, Barry Haydu, to kill Dickie in front of his house.

Christopher is about to seek revenge and kill Barry but he is begging for his life claiming he doesn’t know Jilly or Dickie, “look, whoever told you I had anything to do with his death is lying,” he exclaimed.

Christopher tells Barry he is going to die either way and at this point, Barry repeats “I’m sorry” until he is shot by Christopher. This has led to many theories as to what he is sorry for.

The Many Saints of Newark Ending

Near the end of The Many Saints Of Newark, Dickie is shot twice in the head by an assassin while he’s removing TV trays from the boot of his car.

Although it may have been suspected to be a hit ordered by Jilly Ruffalo in fact, it was ordered by Tony’s uncle, Junior Soprano, who gets a phone call saying, “It’s done.”

Fans react to Jilly Ruffalo character

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