Does Ismael Cruz Córdova have a wife? As the 2019 film climbs to the top of Netflix UK, fans are curious about the Miss Bala star. We investigate the Puerto Rican actor’s family and whether or not he’s married.

Is Ismael Cruz Córdova married?

Córdova does not appear to be married.

The 33-year-old first appeared on film in 2003, in the Spanish-language film Stray Bullet.

But his big breaks started coming in 2011. That year, he featured in five episodes of US series The Good Wife. Then, between 2013 and 2015, he was in seven episodes of long running children’s TV show Sesame Street.

Who are Córdova’s family?

Córdova mostly uses his Instagram for self-promotion. However, he has posted about his mother more than once, calling her his “boss-lady-mom”.

According to his International Women’s Day post in 2019, his role models have always been “womxn” – an alternative political spelling of the English word “woman” or “women”, used particularly by intersectional feminists.

Ismael’s father has also featured in his Instagram feed. On the apparently shared birthday of his mother and father, Córdova posted in appreciation of them both.


In the post, he celebrated them for having “truly changed their perspective, way of thinking , lifestyle , and beliefs.”

“These two are the living proof”, he continued, “that you can, at any age , commit to seeing the world in a different way, and unlearn all the distorted narratives we are engrained with”.

He has also posted about an older sister, whom he describes as a singer, poet, lawyer, LGBTQ+ activist, powerhouse, dreamer and proud afro latinx – among other things.

Latinx is a relatively new word, similar to womxn. It is a gender-neutral term and refers to people of Latin American cultural or ethnic identity in the United States.

Does Ismael Cruz Córdova have a son?

Córdova does not seem sot have a son. However, he said in an interview with Interview Magazine the this nephew was his “favourite person in the whole world”. 

“That boy has given me so much purpose. I do so much that I do for him”, he continued. 

“I would hope that he feels inspired by the things that I do, to know that he can just go ahead and be and live and create, whatever he wants. He’s a very inspiring kid himself.”

In the same interview, he discussed growing up in a “mixture of rural and inner city”. 

“It was a workers’ town, very poor, high levels of illiteracy. But it’s a beautiful, beautiful place.”

According to website Healthy Celeb, Córdova grew up in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico, also known as “The City of Clear Waters”.

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