Is Sylvester Stallone a twin? Meet Frank Stallone, Sly’s only sibling

John Reid September 22, 2020
Is Sylvester Stallone a twin? Meet Frank Stallone, Sly’s only sibling
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Is Sylvester Stallone a twin? Who are his siblings? These questions have been coming up following the death of the actor’s mother, Jackie Stallone, at the age of 98. Family sticks together, especially at times like this.

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Is Sylvester Stallone a twin?

No, Sly is not a twin. However, he does have a younger brother, who is his only living sibling – Frank Stallone.

Sly Stallone was born on 6 July 1946 and found worldwide fame thanks to the success of the Rocky franchise.

He went on to even bigger success in the 1980s with the Rambo film series. His career then went into a bit of a dip before recovering in the 2010s with The Expendables and two films based on the son of Rocky’s former opponent, Apollo Creed.

The famous actor’s brother, Frank, was involved in some of those films, particularly on the music side.

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Frank Stallone was born on 30 July 1950, making him four years younger than his famous older brother.

While Sylvester went into acting, his younger brother took another path into the wider world of entertainment.

Frank Stallone’s top ten record

Frank Stallone became a musician and his biggest hit came in 1983. The track, Far From Over, from the soundtrack to Staying Alive – a film directed by his big brother – reached number 10 in the American Hot 100 chart. The song was also nominated for a Golden Globe.

Frank Stallone’s songs also featured on the Rocky and Rocky II soundtracks, as well as the soundtrack to Rambo: First Blood Part II.

He has made a number of albums since, but none have managed to reach the level of success achieved by Far From Over.

Frank Stallone also has some movie appearances under his belt. However, none of them have achieved much success, aside from his cameos in Sly’s films.

Even though the younger Stallone has, for the most part, not gone into the film business, a documentary was recently made about him.

Stallone: Frank, That Is was completed in 2019. Here, you can watch an interview where the man himself talks about the film.

To answer the question at the start of the article, Sylvester Stallone doesn’t have a twin. But he has certainly got an interesting brother.

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