Is Starfox a good guy in Marvel's Eternals on Disney+?

Olivia Olphin January 13, 2022
Is Starfox a good guy in Marvel’s Eternals on Disney+?
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Marvel’s Eternals has dropped onto Disney+ this week and fans are going crazy for the post-credit scenes. One of the scenes confirms that fashion-icon himself Harry Styles is joining the MCU as a character named Starfox. No, this is not a drill! However, many Harry Styles fans are now wondering – Is Starfox a good guy or a bad guy? We dive into the background of this new MCU character.

Warning spoilers ahead!

Harry Styles joins the MCU in Eternals post-credit scene

Starfox, also known as Eros, was introduced to audiences in the first post-credit scene after the Eternals film. The character is played by none other than Harry Styles himself!

The scene sees Thena (Angelina Jolie), Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) and Druig (Barry Keoghan) being surprised by Eros on board their ship the Domo.

Eros’ companion Pip the Troll, who seems a little drunk, enters the ship and teleports his friend onboard. While the other Eternals are instantly defensive, they are put at ease when Eros says: “We’re here to help! Your friends are in a lot of trouble … and we know where to find them.”

Styles’ Eros then levitates a small ball of cosmic-energy in his hand, suggesting to the others that he too is like them.

Although this scene is incredibly brief, it does set up Eros/Starfox as a potential big player in the MCU going forwards.

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Marvel Contest of Champions | The Eternals Ikaris and Sersi Trailer

Marvel Contest of Champions | The Eternals Ikaris and Sersi Trailer

Is Starfox a good guy in the MCU?

Starfox/ Eros is a member of the Eternals. These are genetically-engineered members of humanity, created by the Celestials, who have incredible powers and who guard over the human race.

Eros was the adoptive brother of Thanos, yep, the big purple guy with all the infinity stones. However, after being stationed on Titan and joining the royal family, he deserted the planet and became an outlaw.

Just like some Eternals were stationed on earth, Eros was stationed on the planet Titan. However, he gave up everything after he left Thanos and Titan behind.

Eros appears to be a good guy, but he has his own quirks. He previously fell out with his brother Thanos after one of his attacks lead to the death of their mother, Sui-San.

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In the comics this led Eros to fight alongside the Avengers to try and defeat his own brother. He was then given the name Starfox by the Avengers as his very own codename.

He is well known for having a companion called Pip the Troll and also defeated the king of the Mystery Planet called Black Roger.

While Starfox is technically a good guy, he also has an interesting power-set. He can make people infatuated with him, and also make incredibly strong bonds between other people. Starfox also lives quite a hedonistic lifestyle which sometimes gets him into trouble.

Fans can’t stop rewatching the post-credit scenes

Harry Styles has some dedicated fans, as Twitter has been on fire with posts about his Starfox/Eros cameo.

Many people can’t help but play the first post-credit scene on loop!

It seems that all the cast had a ball making Eternals, which you can see from this behind the scenes footage.

We can’t wait to see where Starfox/Eros turns up in the MCU next!

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