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Some fans think Encanto's Isabela is LGBTQ+ – theories explored

Darcy Rafter January 28, 2022
Opening Night Fan Event Of Disney's "Encanto"
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Disney’s hit film Encanto is still making waves on Disney+. Many fans are noting the film’s successful portrayal of Colombian influences. They are also theorising about the sexuality of the characters. Many fans believe Encanto’s Isabela is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Let’s see what people are saying.

Encanto provides a look at Colombia through the lens of the Madrigal family. Disney used real-life influences when creating the story of Encanto and have even replicated realistic situations and struggles. Fans think Disney has included a variety of sexual orientations for their characters.

It took some fans multiple rounds of Encanto to discover the different layers to the characters and create the theories behind Isabela. Now a deleted scene has been released, the theories are out in full force!

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Encanto | Official Trailer | DisneyPlus Hotstar

Encanto | Official Trailer | DisneyPlus Hotstar

Fan theories on why Encanto’s Isabela is LGBTQ+

Some fans have theorised Isabela from Encanto is a lesbian (see just some of the tweets below).

A recently released deleted scene from Encanto features Mirabel discovering her elder sister Isabela wants to leave her fiance. When Isabela is meant to get engaged to her neighbour Mariano Guzman, Mirabel discovers her sister struggles to live up to everyone’s thoughts of her.

The deleted scene was uploaded to YouTube by Antoine Harrak, and it shows Mirabel following her sister Isabela into the woods after seeing a mysterious figure grab her sister. Mirabel follows them into the woods as she is worried about her sister. Until she spots her kissing a man called Bobo Marquez. Isabela asks Mirabel to go home and not tell Abuela or anyone else about her plans to run away with Bobo.

Meet Isabela from Disney’s Encanto

Isabela is the eldest sister of Mirabel and Luisa Madrigal and the first-born grandchild of the Madrigals. Isabela’s magical power is she can bloom flowers with each step she takes. She feels the pressure as the older child but it is revealed she did not want to be as perfect as everyone thought she was. In fact, she did not want to marry Mariano in the first place, at all. Mirabel helps her with her people-pleasing tendencies.

She is referred to as the golden child by the family. Even though deep down she wanted to expand her powers and grow beyond her families means. Isabela hid these feelings away and Mirabel ends up helping her express who she truly is.

Fans think Isabela from Encanto is a lesbian

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