Is Ikaris evil? What fans really think about The Eternals' devoted hero

Yasmine Leung January 14, 2022
Is Ikaris evil? What fans really think about The Eternals’ devoted hero

The Eternals arrived on Disney+ on 12 January 2022, so fans can now relive the aesthetic cinematics of the film in the comfort of their own home. Fans who didn’t catch the movie in theatres are now taking to social media to discuss the film, including the question: is Ikaris evil? Let’s break it down and make our verdict.

*Warning: spoilers*

Although The Eternals is the lowest-scored Marvel movie by Rotten Tomatoes at 47%, it still managed to rake in $165 million at the US box office.

2021 has been an outstanding start for MCU Phase 4, with all four releases – Black Widow, Shang Chi, The Eternals, and Spider-Man – all reaching the top six highest-grossing films.

The Eternals is now available to stream on Disney+, with Richard Madden as Ikaris – one of the strongest heroes. So when he betrays the gang, he seems impossible to defeat.

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Kid Cosmic | Season 3 Trailer | Netflix Futures

Kid Cosmic | Season 3 Trailer | Netflix Futures

Is Ikaris evil?

Technically yes, because he battles against The Eternals and is determined to allow the Emergence – and the destruction of humanity – to happen.

However, if you consider his motives behind his actions, we think he can’t ultimately be classed as evil.

In the film, Ikaris’ purpose is to initiate the Arishem’s plan of thee Emergence for the birth of Tiamut The Communicator. Ajak told him about the event thousands of years before the other Eternals knew.

This implies that Ikaris had to live with the burden of the knowledge and the guilt of what he has done and will do, including the murder of Ajak (who was against the plan).

He is undoubtedly the strongest Eternal with his superhuman strength, speed, and flight, amongst other powers. With this is mind, he could have easily defeated all the other heroes, but since his love for Sersi is so strong, he doesn’t ever deliver the final blow.

Overall, Ikaris is a tragic antagonist that viewers can only sympathise for since he’s certain that he’s doing the right thing by completing his duty, as tradition has done so for millions of years.

Combine that with his choice to fly into the sun after losing the battle, it’s clear that Ikaris is guilty for his betrayal.

Final verdict: not evil.

What do fans think?

The majority of fans agree that he isn’t actually evil, but it seems like some fans were live tweeting while watching the movie, simply commenting: “no ikaris dont be evil you’re so sexy aha”.

Other’s are claiming that his plot twist was predictable since he’s comparable to Superman and evil renditions of the character have been a popular story e.g Homelander from The Boys, and Omni-Man from Invincible.

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