Is Andrew Francis Married? Meet the actor's girlfriend Carrie-Ann Bailey

Max Seeley December 13, 2020
Is Andrew Francis Married? Meet the actor's girlfriend Carrie-Ann Bailey
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Is Andrew Francis married? After the actor’s appearance in Hallmark’s Christmas She Wrote, fans are curious about the star’s personal life.

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Andrew Francis is best known for his work in animated series such as Robocop and X-men: Evolution, as well as appearing in theatrical releases Final Destination 3, Knockaround Guys, The Invisible and, more recently, Hallmark’s Christmas She Wrote.

Is Andrew Francis married?

Not as far as we know. Francis was previously rumored to be dating Jessica Harmon who was cast opposite him in the film Deeper: The Retribution of Beth.

Since 2017, however, Andrew Francis has been in a relationship with entrepreneur Carrie-Ann Bailey.

Andrew as Stephen in Hallmark’s Christmas She Wrote

Meet Francis’s girlfriend, Carrie-Ann Bailey

They’ve been together since March 2017 and frequently post about each other on their respective social media accounts.

Bailey revealed that in 2009 she asked the universe for the man of her dreams and in 2017 that dream came true in the form of Andrew. Since then the couple have shared their romance with their Instagram followers.

Posting to almost 23,000 followers on Instagram, Francis wished his ‘natural beauty’ a happy birthday. He describes her as “caring, compassionate (not to mention sexy as hell)’.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Carrie-Ann is the co-founder and chief operating officer of ZENDEN, which offers classes, workshops and private sessions based around meditation and healthy living.

Francis likes to promote ZENDEN on his Instagram whenever he gets the chance and it seems his relationship with Carrie-Ann may have inspired him to live a healthier life.

In an Instagram post from June 2019, Carrie congratulated Andrew on two years of sobriety reminiscing how the majority of their “hang outs would be through his wild penthouse parties at 33 Water Street” and how lucky she is to have a “sober buddy, business partner, life partner and best friend all wrapped into one!”

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