Who is Iola Evans? Age and height of Kayla from Choose Or Die

Olivia Olphin April 18, 2022
Who is Iola Evans? Age and height of Kayla from Choose Or Die

Newcomer Iola Evans has burst onto the acting scene with her role as Kayla in the new Netflix horror film Choose Or Die. But who is the British actress? What is Iola Evans’ age and height? And what has she done before she landed her latest role?

We take a closer look at Iola Evans’ acting career, with roles in hit TV shows and acclaimed plays.

Who is actor Iola Evans?

Iola Evans is an actress from Reading, England. She studied acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland from 2014-2017, but has now moved to London to pursue further acting roles. Her parents are Welsh and Kenyan.

Her latest role as Kayla in Choose or Die is her biggest role to date. However, she has also appeared as Ryma in Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row, as Siri in Phea, and as Callie in The 100. She also appeared in one episode of the hit UK detective show Vera in 2020.

She is also currently filming a TV mini series called Washington Black, and has just finished a film called The Origin.

Evans is also a stage actor, having previously been part of the National Theatre’s production of the play An Octoroon in London in 2018.

Her other interests and skills include Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Folk Singing, Swimming, Jiu Jitsu and Pilates. She also speaks German to a near-native level.

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Choose or Die | Official Trailer

Choose or Die | Official Trailer

What is Iola Evans’ age and height?

Iola Evans is 24 years old and was born in 1997. However, her playing age is 18-25 years. According to her Spotlight page she is 5ft 6in tall.

She has said about her latest role in Choose or Die that she learnt a lot from her more experienced co-stars, like Asa Butterfield:

“It’s good, because I perpetually feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. So it’s quite nice to be around actors who I consider more experienced, to learn from that, and absorb some of that.”

She also mentioned that at first she didn’t quite understand the script but that she loved the chance to try something new and push herself out of her comfort zone.

Netflix’s Choose Or Die is a big hit

Netflix’s Choose Or Die is a unique concept. The premise is that a broke college dropout decides to play a weird 1980s survival computer game, in hopes of winning $125,000. However, she becomes cursed by the game and has to make exceedingly dangerous choices as she takes part in deadly challenges.

Fans have taken to social media to share their love of the new edge-of-your-seat horror movie.

You can stream Choose Or Die on Netflix now.

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