Everyone knows what Kevin McCallister got up to when his family went away, but it’s easy to forget where they went. In Home Alone, where did the family go?

Where did the family go in Home Alone?

In Home Alone, The McCallister family travel from their home in Winnetka, Illinois, to Paris, France.

First, the family (besides Kevin, of course) travels by road to O’Hare Airport, outside Chicago.

At the airport, they board a flight bound for Paris, France. It is only after they have boarded the flight that they realise they’re missing Kevin.

Once they land at Paris-Orly Airport, Kevin’s mother, Kate, learns that she will have to wait three days before she can catch a direct flight back to Chicago. 

Instead, she flies to Dallas, then on to Scranton, Pennsylvania. Here, Gus Polinski (John Candy) offers her a lift back to Winnetka.

So, while the family only go to Paris and back again, Kevin’s mother goes to Paris, Dallas, Scranton and then back home, alone.

How far does Kate McCallister travel in Home Alone?

The van rental company Hertz has plotted the route onto Scribble Maps and calculated the length of Kate McCallister’s return journey from Paris to Winnetka.

How many miles does Kate McCallister travel in Home Alone?

During the course of the whole movie, Kate McCallister travels a total of 11,139 miles. The route from Winnetka to Paris is 4,156 miles. Her return journey comes in at a much longer 6,966 miles.

What happens in Home Alone 2 and Home Alone 3?

The story of Home Alone 2 is a little different. The family don’t go and leave Kevin at home alone. Instead, Macauley Culkin’s indomitable protagonist finds himself stranded in New York City… alone.

In the third movie, Chicagoan Alex Pruitt, played by Alex D Linz, defends his home from a band of internationally wanted spies. He does so while unable to leave his home due to a bout of chickenpox.

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