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How old is the prince in Snow White? Twitter shares disbelief at character's age

Amber Peake July 23, 2022
How old is the prince in Snow White? Twitter shares disbelief at character's age
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Ryan Reynolds had fans looking back on some Disney classics this week as he reflected on Deadpool and Logan being the first R-rated additions to Disney+. 

In a post across his Twitter and Instagram, the actor suggested a few OG Disney movies should already have an R-rating. While he did not name the films, he was referring to, People has since inferred the list to include both the Lion King and Snow White.

Discussions have since seen the film become a trending topic online as social media users have shared their disbelief at the ages of the characters. 

But just how old is the prince in Snow White? Let’s take a look…

Look Both Ways | Official Trailer

Look Both Ways | Official Trailer

How old is the prince in Snow White?

In the Disney classic, Snow White meets a handsome prince whose kiss later saves her after she falls under the Evil Queen’s curse. 

Her dashing suitor’s name is prince Florian, who is believed to be 31 years old

Snow White herself is thought to be in her early teens at just 14. This would mean the two have an age difference of 17 years, and that of course, him marrying her would be completely illegal.

Photo by LMPC via Getty Images

Character’s age gap resurfaces on Twitter 

This week as the 1937 film becomes a trending topic online, conversations on Snow White and the prince’s age gap have sparked plenty of discussions. 

Sharing their disbelief at their contrast in ages, one Twitter user wrote: “Wait, Snow White is 14, and The Prince is 31? Huh, what.”

With 2022 marking the film’s 85th anniversary, this is not the first time the character’s age difference has been discussed online. 

Last year, Disney received backlash amid the characters’ ages after the unveiling of its new Snow White ride. Some also claimed its kiss scene was “non-consensual”.

The age difference appears to have attained meme status as Know Your Meme listed it on its site in 2019 after search results of the two ages on google sparked viral discussions. 

Photo by LMPC via Getty Images

How old were the actors who voiced Snow White and the prince?

The voice behind Snow White was actress Adriana Caselotti. As per Cheat Sheet, she was in her teens when she gave a voice to the classic princess. 

Born May 6, 1916, she would have been 19 years old at the time of the film’s initial release. 

The prince was voiced by actor Harry Stockwell who was seen to be closer in age to his character. 

Stockwell, who was born April 27, 1905, would have been 32 upon the film’s premiere in late 1937. 

Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

How old is the actress portraying Snow White in the upcoming 2023 film?

Last year it was announced a live-action edition of the 1937 film was in the works, as Deadline reported actress Rachel Zegler had been cast as Snow White. 

Production for the film began in March of this year and wrapped earlier this month (July). 

Rachel Zegler was born May 3, 2001, meaning during filming, she would have been 20, having celebrated her 21st birthday before filming wrapped. 

While the live-action will have a male lead starring opposite Snow White, it won’t be the prince or the huntsman. 

As explained by Screenrant, actor Andrew Burnap is set to play the male lead, with the character reported to have been a new creation. 

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