How old is Godzilla in 2021? Why Godzilla vs Kong aged them

Bruno Cooke March 26, 2021

How old is Godzilla in 2021? Fans think King Kong looks older in the trailer for upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong movie than he did in previous MonsterVerse instalments – for example, Kong: Skull Island. How old are Godzilla and Kong in 2021?

How old is Godzilla in 2021?

The MonsterVerse, or Godzilla-Kong Cinematic Universe, has featured Godzilla three times since 2014 (including this latest instalment).

In Godzilla, the 2014 reboot of the franchise, the colossal apex predator awakens from a 60 year slumber, causing a tsunami in Honolulu.

Godzilla is understood to be a prehistoric beast, but exactly how old is he supposed to be?

Taken on September 23, 2018 at Nishiizu-cho Shizuoka pref. Japan

Catch the Bullet | Official Trailer

(In the original Japanese films, Godzilla was an “it”, whereas in the English dubbed versions, Godzilla is a “he”)

How old is Godzilla?

According to Fandom, Godzilla’s species is over 252 million years old. 

Hailing from the Permian period – prior to the Permian-Triassic extinction event that wiped out 81% of all marine species and 70% of terrestrial vertebrate species – Godzilla is very old.

But it’s not clear exactly how old this iteration of Godzilla is.

How tall is Godzilla?

Fandom lists Godzilla’s height, circa the 2014 movie, as 108 metres (355 ft). However, between then and the 2019 movie, he grows over 10 metres.

His weight, too, changes between the films. In 2014, he apparently weighed 90,000 tons (the Statue of Liberty, including the base, weighs under 25,000 tons).

In 2019, Godzilla’s weight was 99,634 tons – very specific! 

site of the latest cinema complex of Japanese film giant Toho [creator of the six-decade-long “Godzilla” series], and the Hotel Gracery

Given Godzilla’s ancientness, it is probably impossible to pinpoint the exact age of his/its bloodline. Especially, that is, when it’s measured in millions of years.

Now, let’s move on to Kong.

How old is Kong in 2021?

Fandom also describes Titanus Kong (or King Kong, or simply Kong) as a superspecies that “evolved back in prehistoric times”.

As of 1973, Kong is the only surviving member of his kind. While he shares a common ancestry with modern day apes, he represents an entirely new categorisation of life.

Kong’s depiction as an adolescent in Kong: Skull Island, however, throws a spanner in the works. ScreenRant describes him as a “young ape” who, in the 54 years between 1973 and 2017, “has grown to Godzilla-size”.

This leads them to speculate that Kong might not be much over a century old. This would make Kong’s lifespan significantly shorter than his fellow Titans.

Source: YouTube

Interestingly, Fandom claims that Kong’s year of birth is 1933, which would make him 88 this year.

How much does Kong weigh?

Again, according to Fandom, Kong comes in a 158 tons – much less than Godzilla.

His height varies more than Godzilla’s: in 1973, he was 31.7 metres tall (104 ft); 22 years later, he was 44.2 metres tall (144 ft).

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