How much the Christmas Story house could sell for: Price point explored

Amber Peake November 15, 2022
How much the Christmas Story house could sell for: Price point explored
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The iconic Christmas Story house is up for sale with curiosity about how much it is selling for having already sparked online.

The fictional home of A Christmas Story’s Ralphie Parker has hit the market alongside the Bumpus’ neighboring property as well as a museum and gift shop.

While an exact figure for the house itself is yet to be revealed, we explore the famous abode’s possible price point.

Paradise City | Official Trailer

Paradise City | Official Trailer

The A Christmas Story house was bought for $150,000 in 2004 

The current owner of the property, Brian Jones, purchased the movie home almost two decades ago.

As explained in a New York Times article on the house in 2006, Jones was said to have raised funds for the down payment of the property by selling his own renditions of the film’s classic leg lampshade.

The same article also added that after purchasing it, Jones went on to spend a further $240,000 on the property to make it further resemble the Parker residence in the festive film.

The house has now become an attraction for fans of the 80s film after it opened for public tours in 2006. It is said to now draw in around 75,000 visitors a year.

How much is the Christmas Story House selling for? Price point explored

Sadly, the price of the Christmas Story house has not yet been made public. The Focus and GRV Media reached out to the Christmas Story House representatives for comment, who explained they were not able to disclose any additional information on the house’s listing. 

The rep continued that more detailed information would only be shared with “qualified buyers under confidentiality agreements.”

While an exact figure is not available, a possible figure on what the house could sell for based on the past sale price and its location can be estimated.

As we know, the property was bought for $150,000 in 2004, and according to the US Inflation calculator, the same price in 2022 would equate to around $237,000.

Despite this, based on its location, the price could possibly be less than its initial price almost two decades ago. explains that the median sold price for homes in the same zip code as the movie property is around $135,700.

Redfin, which bases its estimates on recent home sales in the nearby market, also suggests that the property price could be around $137,400.

The 80s film was not actually filmed inside the house

While the exterior is familiar to festive audiences for its feature in the 1983 film, the interior shots were not actually filmed there. 

As explained by Good Housekeeping, scenes inside the Parker residence were shot in Toronto, Canada, on a sound stage.

Production for the film started just after the Christmas of 1982 and ran into early spring. CinemaBlend explains how the timing meant that festive decor was already up from the holiday celebrations. 

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