How long is Space Jam 2? Critics poked many holes in the sequel of the original 1996 hit, with some complaining that the film is too long.

What is Space Jam: A New Legacy about?

The movie follows the first Space Jam, which was directed by Joe Pytka and starred basketball legend Michael Jordan.

In the 1996 flick Jordan, then a Chicago Bulls player, is enlisted by the Looney Tunes to help them win a basketball match against a group of aliens who intend to enslave them as attractions for their theme park.

Space Jam: A New Legacy – Trailer 2

Space Jam: A New Legacy – Trailer 2

Whilst the new movie still centres around the importance of a singular basketball match, the storyline differs slightly.

“A rogue artificial intelligence kidnaps the son of famed basketball player LeBron James, who then has to work with Bugs Bunny to win a basketball game,” reads the blurb for the movie on IMDB.

Is Michael Jordan in Space jam 2?

Jordan was chosen for the original movie as he was the most famous and arguably the best basketball player in the world at the time.

The same can be said for LeBron James, the man who leads the new incarnation of the movie.

Bugs Bunny shakes hands with Michael Jordan at the Warner Bros. Studio store 23 October , 1996 in New York City

But is Michael Jordan in Space Jam 2? In May this year, James’ co-star Don Cheadle appeared to confirm that Jordan would make an appearance in the new movie.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Cheadle, who plays a rogue artificial intelligence known as AI-G Rhythm, confirmed that Jordan would appear in some sort of capacity in the movie.

“Michael Jordan is in the movie,” Cheadle revealed. “But not in the way you’d expect it.”

The movie was released on Friday 16 July and the mystery was cleared up. During the fictional basketball game on which the movie hinges, the Looney Tunes are losing badly at half time and draw up a plan to enlist the help of Michael Jordan, who is in the crowd.

However, it turns out to be namesake Michael B. Jordan, and not the basketball legend.

So, just how long is Space Jam 2?

The movie so far has generally negative ratings, with many claiming that the whole movie is an advert for Warner Bros. and not actually a coherent story.

Bro Bible said it “is nothing more than a corporate-driven soulless cash grab that contains more shoehorned-in Warner Bros. intellectual property than it does actual plot points.”

Writing for CBS, critic Sam Thielman complained that the movie is too long, saying that it is a “soulless, overlong HBO gimmick.”

So, just how long is Space Jam 2? The official run time is 1 hour and 55 minutes, compared to 1 hour and 28 minutes for the original.

Critics comments about the length of the movie appear to speak to the fact that they believe it is a long advert, with not much in the way of substance.

Online critics agreed that the movie was too long. “It was too long but I thought Space Jam: A New Legacy was fun,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another person agreed, writing: “Space Jam 2, about 20 mins too long, story was very meh but Looney Tunes gave you some laughs as always, OGs of the game. Daffy Duck will always be ma favourite.”

Another said simply: “Space Jam 2 is too long man.”

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