Who is Hannah Miller from Fear Street? Olivia Scott Welch's dual role explained

Mafalda Costa July 16, 2021
Who is Hannah Miller from Fear Street? Olivia Scott Welch's dual role explained


Who is Hannah Miller from Fear Street? In Fear Street Part Three: 1666, we’re introduced to the romance between Hannah Miller and Sarah Fier. But who exactly is Hannah, and what happened to Olivia Scott Welch’s Sam?

Fear Street Part Two: Spoilers ahead

Fear Street Part Two: 1978 premiered on Friday, 9 July, on Netflix.

At the end of the second iteration of the trilogy, we see Deena (Kiana Madeira) and her brother, Josh (Benjamin Flores Jr), return to the witch Sarah Fier’s burial site.

The two hope to break the curse and bring back Deena’s girlfriend, Sam (Olivia Scott Welch), who has been possessed by the demonic energy rippling through Shadyside.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, whoever reunites Fier’s skeletal hand with her body could potentially end the murders in Shadyside.

However, when Deena does that she’s transported to the year 1666, where we see Kiana Madeira no longer as Deena but as Sarah Fier instead.

Who is Hannah Miller in Fear Street Part Three?

As we are taken back to 1666 in Fear Street Part Three, we are introduced to the village of Union, where Sarah Fier and Hannah Miller are a pair of well-regarded teenagers in their community.

However, Hannah’s mother, Goody Miller, sees the forbidden attraction pulling the two girls together.

According to Netflix Life, once Sarah and Hannah are exposed, they are declared witches and killed by the townspeople.

Sarah Fier and Hannah Miller’s romance mirrors present-day Deena and Sam’s relationship, as actresses Kiana Madeira and Olivia Scott Welch play both Deena and Sarah, as well as Sam and Hannah, respectively.

FEAR STREET PART 3: 1666 | Official Trailer | Netflix

FEAR STREET PART 3: 1666 | Official Trailer | Netflix

What happens between Deena and Sam?

In Fear Street Part Three, we see Deena, as fiercely determined as Sarah, ending the curse and stopping the witch from killing anyone else.

Deena also saves Sam, creating an opportunity for them to live the romance Sarah and Hannah didn’t get the chance to because of bigotry and fear-mongering.

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