Halloween Kills: HBO Max release date and more streaming options

Darcy Rafter October 1, 2021

Halloween Kills is the latest horror to hit theatres and David Gordon Green fans are longing to know the release date on streaming services including HBO Max.

After delaying the release of the movie for a year as the coronavirus pandemic started, we can now look forward to watching Halloween Kills.

The streaming release date was announced in September, following its premiere at the Venice Film Festival premiere. Let’s discover what options you have to stream the movie.

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Halloween Kills: HBO Max release date

Halloween Kills comes out on HBO Max on 22 October 2021.

WOLF | Official Trailer

In 2018, David Gordon Green’s Halloween remake was a massive success, raking in $255 million at the worldwide box office. Of course, this left fans wanting more, leading to the sequel, Halloween Kills.

Jason Blum revealed in an interview with IndieWire that Horror movies run on tighter budgets than blockbusters, giving them the opportunity to make a large profit.

Halloween Kills picks up almost immediately after the events of 2018’s Halloween film, where Laurie Strode along with her daughter and granddaughter left Michael Myers to burn to death in their house. However, when Michael Myers escapes the house the killer chase is on again.

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More streaming options for Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills is set to be available to stream on Peacock on 15 October 2021, the same day as it releases in theatres. 

Halloween Kills will be available free of charge to Peacock subscribers. This could be because both Universal Pictures and Peacock are operated by NBCUniversal.

Hybrid streaming releases have been very popular in the pandemic, although we have been warned that this won’t be the case for the third movie.

Jason Blum explained “I don’t want it do it for the third movie. I want to go back to traditional windows, but COVID is incredibly unpredictable, and I didn’t want to risk it again. I felt like I did that with Freaky, and it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. So I don’t want to repeat that experience.”

The third and final Halloween film in David Gordon Green’s trilogy is set to arrive in theatres in October 2022.

Why it’s releasing early for streaming

Anticipation for Halloween Kills has been soaring following David Gordon Green’s 2018 movie, fans have been left wanting more. This means the news of an early release is outstanding.

According to Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum, it wasn’t a Universal or Peacock decision to stream it early, in fact, it was his.

“It was my idea to do it. [Peacock] didn’t approach me. I approached them. I, like everyone else, am a big believer in the theatrical experience. I think eventually I think there should be windows. I think Universal’s strategy of the three-week window is a great strategy, but I had a bad distribution experience with Freaky. That movie is a great movie, and it didn’t get seen because the distribution of it got all twisted up. My fault.”

He continues, “I didn’t want to go through that experience again. I didn’t want to have a movie that I’m really proud of that I think is great and have there be an excuse why people didn’t see it. So I’m the one who pitched Universal. And then I pitched Jamie and David, and it was my idea. I stand behind it. I’m glad that we’re doing it.”

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