Gakirah “K.I.” Barnes’ death is making headlines again, seven years on. Her life and death was the subject of an A+E documentary, Secret Life Of A Gang Girl: The Untold Story, released in 2019. Here’s how you can watch it now, and put yourself up to date with the story.

This July 2021, allegations regarding the identity of Gakirah’s killer have come to light. This is as the Chicago Police Department share new information on her murder, including the identity of the alleged offender, whom they claim is the late Chicago rapper King Von.

With Gakirah’s death back in the spotlight, you might be looking to revisit her case and what happened to the young gang member. Here are all the ways to watch the documentary about her life.

Fans revisit A&E’s Gakirah Barnes documentary

Secret Life Of A Gang Girl: The Untold Story tells the story of Gakirah, who is now known as one of the most infamous female gang members in US history.

Those close to Barnes reveal how she was driven to violence by heartbreak. At the age of 13, one of her close friends, Shondale “Tooka” Gregory, was shot and killed by members of a rival gang in 2011.

Gakirah became even more closely affiliated with notorious Chicago gang, Gangster Disciples, after Tooka’s death.

The A+E documentary explores how Gakirah used social media to her advantage, cultivating a profile as a gang member and killer online. Gakirah amassed more than 5,000 followers on Twitter in the early days of the social media platform, a huge figure pre-dating “influencer” culture. Her online presence has even been studied by Professor Desmond Patton, who features in the documentary.

The documentary is fronted by investigative journalist Elizabeth Vargas. She is the lead investigative reporter for A+E Networks, meaning she appears in many of their true crime documentaries.

Vargas leads The Untold Story series on A+E. Some of their memorable documentaries from that series include I Was A Child Bride and Hunting JonBenét’s Killer.

Elizabeth Vargas is currently host of the revived America’s Most Wanted series.

Where to watch the documentary: Streaming options

There are multiple streaming options if you are looking to watch the Gakirah Barnes documentary.

Hulu subscribers in the US can catch Secret Life Of A Gang Girl on their platform. Subscriptions cost $5.99 a month (with adverts). To watch without adverts, a subscription costs $11.99 a month. Hulu also offers a free trial for new subscribers, which lasts 30 days.

You can also watch Secret Life Of A Gang Girl on Amazon Prime. The documentary costs $2.99 to rent.

Sweet Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sweet Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

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