Was that Gabi Garcia in Bruised as sports drama debuts on Netflix?

Darcy Rafter November 25, 2021
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Netflix’s new boxing film, Bruised, follows the story of a former MMA fighter portrayed by Halle Berry. But was that Gabi Garcia making her debut in the sports drama too?

Let’s discover whether the legit MMA fighter Gabi Garcia will feature in the film and what to expect.

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Was that Gabi Garcia in Netflix’s Bruised?

Yes, Bruised does feature MMA fighter Gabi Garcia, fight fans spotted her in the film and couldn’t contain their excitement.

Wrath of Man | Official Trailer

Gabi plays the role of Randi “Werewolf” Jones in the film Bruised. Jackie goes up against the fighter called “Werewolf” after she provoked Jackie into fighting her.

In the film, Jackie loses her mind and pins the Werewolf down before head butting her unconscious. Immaculate who runs an all-female MMA league (Invicta Fighting Championships) ends up recruiting Jackie.

Valentina “Bullet” Schevchenko also features in the film as the fighters go head to head with one another.

Who is Gabi Garcia?

Gabrielle Garcia was born on the 17th of November 1985 in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. She and her family moved to Sao Paulo when she was 13 years old.

Gabi was athletic from an early age and after playing lots of sports she became intrigued by Jiu-Jitsu as her uncle was a coach. When she started Jiu-Jitsu she was coached by someone named Johnny.

The successful fighter initially took up studies in advertising and took a university course on the subject but paused her course in the last year to focus on her sport. She was already very successful and trained with Fabio Gurgel so believed this decision was right for her sporting career.

This decision led her to fight and win the World No-Gi Championship multiple times. She received her highly anticipated black belt from Fabio Gurgel on the podium of the World Championships.

In 2009 she also won the Pan American, the “Brasileiro”, the “Mundial”, and the World Pro Cup. On February 2014 United States Anti-Doping Agency announced that Gabrielle Garcia had used Performance Enhancing Drugs in her 2013 fights. Her titles were removed, however, she was found to have used PED’s unknowingly and all consequences were removed.

MMA fans spot real fighter

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