Disney’s Encanto family tree explored as we meet the Madrigals

Darcy Rafter November 23, 2021

Encanto is Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 60th film and the next-best addition to Disney+. Let’s explore the family tree of the lead characters as we meet the Madrigals.

Encanto tells the story of a family of Madrigals who live within a magical Columbian town. Each family member has some kind of magical power apart from Mirabel who goes on an adventure to save her family.

The animation directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush is about to be released and fans want to know more about the family relations before the viewing.

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Disney’s Encanto family tree explored

Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz)

Mirabel is a young 15-year-old girl who plays the lead character. All of her family have magical powers aside from her but she is very optimistic and knows she has something special inside. She is the youngest daughter of Julieta Madrigal and Agustín Madrigal and the first female protagonist to wear glasses.

Isabela (Diane Guerrero)

Isabela is Mirabel’s eldest sister, their relationship is pretty tense and complicated mainly because Isabela is seen as the angel child. Isabella is called “Señorita Perfecta” by her younger sisters Mirabel and Luisa. Her magical power is to make plants grow and flowers blossom.

Luisa (Jessica Darrow)

Luisa is the middle sister of the Madrigals and has super-strength power. She is the daughter who everyone relies on not only for her strength but for her vulnerable and hilarious attitude. Mirabel is quite close to Luisa as they confide in each other regularly.

Mirabel’s father Augustín (Wilmer Valderrama)

Augustín is much like Mirabel in that he has no magic powers but rather he married into magic. He is very clumsy but a supportive and kind dad.

Mirabel’s mother Julieta (Angie Cepeda)

Julieta is the town doctor and uses her magical powers to carry out her job, She has the power of healing people through the food she cooks. The whole town relies on Julieta to bring her powers to good use.

Mirabel’s Aunt Pepa (Carolina Gaitán)

Aunt Peppa is a bit of a drama queen and has strong emotions, what makes her even more dramatic is that her emotions affect the weather. Her husband Félix played by Mauro Castillo tries to keep her on the straight and narrow. Félix also has no magical powers and instead married into magic.

Pepa and Félix’s child Dolores (Adassa)

Mirabel’s cousin likes to stick her nose in everyone else’s business, but who can blame her when she has a magical super-hearing power.

Félix and Pepa’s oldest son Camilo (Rhenzy Feliz)

Camilo is Mirabel’s older cousin but he is still trying to find himself. Many fans think he has the coolest magical power of them all, he can shapeshift into other people.

Félix and Pepa’s youngest son Antonio (Ravi-Cabot Conyers)

Mirabel is closest to her younger cousin Antonio who is obsessed with wild animals. Mainly because his magical power means that can speak to animals…pretty cool right? Another great thing about Antonio is that he is non-judgemental and accepts his cousin for not being gifted with powers like the rest.

Meet the Madrigals

Someone we are yet to meet is a character named Bruno, who is Julieta and Pepa’s triplet brother.

It is thought that we will hear more about Bruno in the plot twist of Encanto. What we do know is that Bruno is their estranged brother and he can see negative visions of the future. Bruno is a side branch of the family tree because he and the rest of the family have drifted significantly. This is because they thought he was causing the problems in his visions.

It seems that Mirabel will go on a venture to discover the truth about Bruno as she fights for her family who is in danger of losing their magic.

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