Does Wes Brown actually play the piano in Hallmark's Christmas in Graceland?

Ella Kipling November 29, 2022
Does Wes Brown actually play the piano in Hallmark's Christmas in Graceland?

Wes Brown, known for his starring roles in a collection of beloved Hallmark movies, sky-rocketed to fame when he appeared in Christmas at Graceland and was seen playing Elvis’s piano.

The film told the story of Laurel (played by Kellie Pickler), a Chicago-based business executive, and Clay (Brown), a local music promoter whose lives become entangled at Christmas time in Memphis.

Viewers have been desperate to know if Brown is actually playing the piano, or if the scene was shot by a body double. However, it turns out that Brown is a keen musician of his own accord…

Can Wes Brown actually play the piano?

Yes, Wes Brown can play the piano.

In fact, Brown started out his career as a musician, which he said happened “before acting ever came about.” However, music is something that Brown does on the side currently.

In an interview with the Hallmark channel, Brown spoke about the experience of playing Elvis’ piano in the movie.

Obviously, great care had to be taken to ensure that no damaged occurred to the instrument.

Brown reflected on how Angie, the caretaker of the estate, kept the piano in good condition during filming. He said: “She’s literally standing off to the side in white gloves, I would be playing then she would wipe it down.”

Does he also sing? Where can you listen to his tunes?

Wes Brown does not only sing in movies and actually has released several singles which you can stream on Spotify.

Every Time a Bell Rings, a 2021 Hallmark movie starring Brown, even features an original song written by the actor.

In 2020, Brown released a four-song EP of Christmas music. It featured three Christmas classics- The Christmas Song, Holly Jolly Christmas, and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas- as well as an original song called Snowed in With You.

Brown told Southern Living: “‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ is one of my favorites but there are so many versions of it. This is somewhat meet in the middle. It’s not fast. It’s not slow. It is jazz, me being from outside of the New Orleans area, that’s always been a big influence on me although I love all genres of music.”

Wes Brown releases Halloween-inspired single in 2022

Earlier this month, Brown released another single- a cover of Zombie by The Cranberries.

Brown announced the new music on his Instagram page and urged fans to listen to the original too.

The actor wrote: “This song is on many Halloween playlist and has been covered a lot. I noticed though, mostly hard rock and also female vocalists. With its war-torn, hauntingly beautiful lyrics, that’s what I wanted my arrangement to mirror.”

What movie will Brown be starring in this Christmas 2022?

This year, Brown will be starring in the new Hallmark movie Haul Out the Holly. Released on November 26, the movie tells the story of protagonist Emily, who unexpectedly spends the holidays alone at her parents’ house.

Of course, things turn festive when their HOA insists that Emily takes part in its many Christmas celebrations.

Also featuring in the movie is Lacey Chabert, Stephen Tobolowsky, Melissa Peterman, and Ellen Travolta.

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