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Does the cat die in The Woman in the Window? Punch's fate revealed

Eve Edwards May 15, 2021
does the cat die in the woman in the window

Viewers are stuck on one question after viewing The Woman in the Window: ‘Does the cat die?’ We explore what happens in the book and film to figure out Punch’s fate.

The Woman in the Window was released to Netflix on Friday 14 May 2021.

The film, adapted from A.J. Finn’s novel, centres on Anna Fox (Amy Adams) and her struggles with agoraphobia. Given that Anna rarely interacts with humans, she spends most of her time throughout the film with with her cat Punch.

As we’re discussing the film and book in detail, this is your *spoiler alert*.

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Does the cat die in The Woman in the Window?

  • No

Wrath of Man | Official Trailer

Anna’s cat Punch does not die at the end of The Woman in the Window. As we see Anna leaving the house nine months later, she takes Punch with her in a carry case.

While Ethan (Fred Hechinger) does injure Punch, the cat does not die.

What happens to Punch in the book?

Ethan similarly injures Punch in A.J. Finn’s book, although Finn does not give the audience as clear as resolution on whether the cat survives.

One reader tweeted in 2019: “Going crazy. Just finished The Woman in the Window and I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO PUNCH. Poor cat’s got a broken leg but no nice tidy wrap-up at the end of the story! @AJFinnBooks”

Another messaged Finn a year prior, saying: “@AJFinnBooks there is no proper conclusion for what happened with Punch in The Woman in the Window. I want to make sure he’s ok”

Viewers of Netflix’s adaptation might be more satisfied with the ending, knowing Punch’s fate.

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The Woman in the Window viewers heap praise on Punch the cat

Going up against six-time Oscar nominee is no easy feat, but viewers couldn’t help but be drawn to Punch the cat while watching The Woman in the Window.

One Netflix viewer joked: “This cat is stealing every single scene it is in. Imagine being nominated for six oscars and losing control of your scene to a freaking cat.”

Another tweeted: “I dont like cats, but Punch was quite the little actor”

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