Does Michael Myers die in Halloween Kills or is he immortal?

Darcy Rafter October 1, 2021

Halloween Kills will be released on 15 October 2021 and the question on everyone’s lips is does Michael Myers die in Halloween Kills?

As the previous film ended on a cliffhanger – for a change! – the Halloween Kills trailer that debuted in late June revealed a lot of what fans of the franchise have to look forward to.

Here we delve into the psyche of Michael Myers and discover whether he dies in the upcoming film or whether he really is immortal.

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Halloween Kills | Final Trailer

Halloween Kills | Final Trailer

Does Michael Myers die in Halloween Kills?

From what we can see in the trailer, Myers survives the house trap set by the Strode girls at the end of the 2018 Halloween. This means Michael Myers is alive throughout Halloween Kills.

Minutes after Laurie is rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries, believing she has finally burned Myers to death, he manages to free himself. Laurie has to prepare to fight against him again and inspires all of Haddonfield to team up to try to defeat Myers.

Myers kills lots of people after his escape and the townspeople chant “kill the beast”. This suggests Michael Myers may be killed towards the end of the new Halloween Kills film, and be gone once and for all.

Why doesn’t Michael Myers kill kids?

Michael Myers has gone on many killing sprees but has never killed children. He didn’t kill Jamie or hurt her when she was a child.

Fans believe Michael Myers doesn’t care about kids, so he doesn’t kill them. Children aren’t a threat to him, but a teenager could be, this is why he killed his sister.

Another young person he killed was in the 2018 reboot. After seeing a father and son in their truck, Myers killed the father and his son after he displayed a rifle in defence.

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Why can’t he be killed, is he immortal? 

Some fans suggest he can’t die because of the ‘Curse Of The Thorn’. This is a tribal ritual where one family is sacrificed so the community can thrive. The family must be killed by one of their own members, who is chosen by the Thorn community and bestowed with their “blessing”. The chosen member is brainwashed by the curse and must kill their family so the community can thrive and be blessed

This is why Myers keeps coming back, as there is always a surviving family member he has yet to kill. In this case, it is his sister, his niece, and the niece’s baby. The Curse Of The Thorn basically makes him superhuman, invincible and possibly immortal.

However, we’ll have to wait for the next movie to see whether Myers will finally be overthrown and killed.

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