Who is actor Danny Boyd Jr from Bruised and who does he play?

Darcy Rafter November 25, 2021
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Bruised, the latest sports drama to debut on Netflix, has left viewers wanting to know more about the little boy played by Danny Boyd Jr.

Bruised follows the story of MMA fighter Jackie Justice, who is in a dark place after a defeat ruins her career.

Jackie takes another shot at things and begins to train towards a massive title until another spanner is thrown in the works. Her estranged son arrives.

Danny Boyd Jr’s character remains silent for most of the film so let’s discover more about the role he plays and the actor himself.

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Who is actor Danny Boyd Jr?

Danny Boyd Jr is an American professional child actor. His birthday is in April and he is 11 years old. Danny is very close to his parents and enjoys spending time with his cousins and wider family.

You may recognise Danny from his roles in Stranger Things, Watchmen and #Freerayshawn. He has also featured in Underground Railroad, Good Girls, People Store and Zero Gravity. He is signed to Sharon Vitro Management and fell in love with acting from a young age – even younger than he is now!

Boyd has been posting about his achievements and giving fans Bruised updates over on his Instagram page. The film received a brief theatrical release on 17 November 2021. It was released following its premiere at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival in September – and arrived on Netflix on 24 November.

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***Spoiler’s ahead***

Who does he play in Bruised?

Danny Boyd Jr plays the role of Manny.

Manny has a traumatic past and is brought to Jackie because his father has been killed. Because of this, he doesn’t speak for almost the entire film. He has had a tough upbringing, his mother has struggled with alcohol addiction and his dad was shot in the head and died in front of him. Manny refusing to speak seems to be a coping mechanism because it is evident he used to be vocal.

When Jackie finds videos of his childhood, Manny can be seen singing with his dad. It may be suggested Manny doesn’t speak as he feels uncomfortable in his current situation, living with his mum who he has never met before and her boyfriend who is abusive.

At the end of the film, Jackie promises Manny she will use the $10,000 she’ll get for participating in the fight on getting them an apartment to live in. It seems that, as the movie goes on, their bond grows stronger.

Manny seems to understand Jackie’s nickname for them both is her way of showing love and care. He finally speaks and calls her “Big” and we see him smile for the first time.

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