Happy Gilmore stars Adam Sandler and Christopher McDonald have taken to Twitter to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film. Hot-shot Shooter McGavin and lucky newcomer Happy Gilmore’s feud has been reignited. We learn more about actor Christopher McDonald’s net worth, age and his wife Lupe.

25th anniversary of Happy Gilmore

On 16 February 1996 Happy Gilmore hit cinemas in the United States. The film has now become a cult classic for many fans around the world.

Adam Sandler posted this video on his Twitter today calling out Shooter McGavin and celebrating the film’s long lasting appeal to fans.

Not to be outdone, Christopher McDonald posed as his character, the insufferable pro-golfer Shooter McGavin, and responded with his own short-game golf shot.

He even kept his iconic Shooter hand movement – the blazing finger guns that are enough to rile anyone up, let alone anger-prone Happy Gilmore.

The film certainly has a special place in our hearts. You can watch it on Netflix now.


Christopher McDonald net worth and wife

According to CelebrityNetWorth Christopher McDonald has a net worth of around $4 million.

He has starred in many iconic films such as Thelma & Louise and Quiz Show, as well as TV series such as Ballers and Boardwalk Empire. He was even in Grease 2!

Christopher McDonald was born on 15 February 1955 and is 66 years old. He was about 41 when Happy Gilmore was initially released.

Christopher McDonald’s wife’s name is Lupe McDonald and they have been married since 1992. She is an actress and former model.

Although the couple appear to be quite private, we do know that they have four children together named Jackson, Ava, Rosie and Hannah.

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