With the Happiest Season and The Christmas House featuring LGBTQ characters this year, fans are wondering whether Hallmark’s latest film, Christmas She Wrote, features a gay couple as well.

Christmas She Wrote follows romance writer Kayleigh (played by Danica McKellar) as her column gets cancelled before Christmas. She heads home to reconnect with her family at Christmas and sparks parks fly, as she gets an unexpected visit from the publisher who cancelled her column (played by Dylan Neal).

However, to some fans’ chagrin, Christmas She Wrote does not feature a gay couple.

The TV movie was released on 6 December and fans can watch it on the Hallmark channel throughout December or on Hallmark’s website until 10 of December.

Which Christmas movies do feature a gay couple?

Back in November, Hallmark debuted The Christmas House with Jonathan Bennett and Brad Harder as the family channel’s first gay couple. The film follows the couple as they await a phone call about their plans to become first time dads by adopting a child together.

The film’s director, Michael Grossman, told The Los Angeles Times: “This movie signals our commitment to expanding our programming through modern storytelling in a way that allows everyone to share in the Hallmark experience. We aim to produce programming that resonates in a powerful, emotional way and reflects the experiences of viewers from all cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, belief systems, and lifestyles.”

Happiest Season, released in November, stars Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis as a young lesbian couple. The film, directed by Clea DuVall, is a romantic comedy that captures the range of emotions tied to wanting your family’s acceptance, being true to yourself, and trying not to ruin Christmas. Fans can watch Happiest Season on Hulu.

Let It Snow, is a Netflix Original that features a collection of interconnecting stories, including that of lesbian couple Dorie and Kerry. The two are played by actresses Liv Hewson and Anna Akana. Their story revolves around a magical day spent together, at the end of which one of them tries to show her affection in public, but ends up getting rejected.

Written and directed by Rob Williams, Make The Yuletide Gay was released in 2009. The film follows Olaf (played by Keith Jordan), a student who is “out” about his sexuality at college, but hasn’t yet mustered the courage to come out to his family. While at home for Christmas, he receives an unexpected visit from his boyfriend, played by Wyatt Fenner.

Make the Yuletide is available to rent on buy on Amazon Prime.

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