As Sonichu creator Chris Chan returns to headlines, some of the public are curious to watch the documentary about her life. Here’s how you can watch it now, and put yourself up to date with the story.

Chris, who likes to be referred to as Mrs. Christine W. Chandler Sonichu, returned to the spotlight this Friday, 30 July 2021. Chris Chan started trending on Twitter, causing a resurgence of interest in the comic book creator.

As the documentary is ongoing, fans are awaiting the latest scandal involving Chris Chan to feature in the doc.

Revisiting the Chris Chan documentary

The documentary was titled Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History. The series explores the life of Sonichu creator and internet sensation, Chris Chan (born Christian Weston Chandler).

On the IMDb listing, there are forty-six parts to Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History. The first part was released on 11 February 2018 and the last was released on 21 November 2020. It is reportedly twenty hours long.

According to the IMDb page, Chris Chan appears in just sixteen of the episodes.

Geno Samuel and Edvinas Grigonis both appear as narrators. Geno is a musician and amateur documentary maker, Edvinas is a director and writer.

The documentary was created by Sachumo. On Sachumo’s YouTube channel, their bio reads: “Started out with the Chris Chan doc, just make whatever I want now.”

Where to watch the documentary: Streaming options

Currently, the only place to watch the documentary is on YouTube. This is a fitting home, given that it is about a YouTube creator made by YouTube creators.

You can start watching the documentary with Part 1 here.

The documentary once streamed on streaming platform MUBI, although it is now off the site.

Viewers who have just started the documentary series are anticipating what it will be like when they watch the July 2021 parts. One tweeted: “The Chris Chan Documentary Episode 2356 is going to be insane when it drops in 2056”.

Another tweeted: “Moment of silence for Geno Samuel who will now have to cover this moment of Chris Chan’s life in the documentary”

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