A Journal For Jordan: Who was the real Charles Monroe King?

Yasmine Leung December 15, 2021
A Journal For Jordan: Who was the real Charles Monroe King?

A Journal For Jordan is an emotional love story revolving around Charles Monroe King. After movie-goers learnt that the film is a memoir inspired by the real 1st Sergeant Charles M King, they’re desperate to know more about the US soldier.

Get your tissues ready because a tear-jerking film directed by Denzel Washington is set to land on Christmas Day.

A Journal For Jordan stars Michael B Jordan as 1st Sgt Charles Monroe King, alongside newcomer Chanté Adams as his on-screen wife Dana Canedy.

Based on the 2008 memoir by New York Times bestselling author Dana Canedy, the poignant trailer reveals that the flick isn’t just about the romance between a couple, but also parental love.

Read more about the movie and the people that inspired it.  

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A adaptation of A Journal for Jordan: A Story of Love and Honor

Canedy’s memoir, titled A Journal for Jordan: A Story of Love and Honor, is a tragic love and war story that grew from an essay she wrote for The New York Times about the death of her fiancé, Charles M King.

Gutted by his passing, she took his journal and created it into a bestseller because “I needed to do something with my grief, after Charles died, something productive. I realised that I could either sink into the grief and be angry and bitter, or I could do something productive.”

The book has been praised as a reminder to Americans about the sacrifices of not just soldiers, but also entire families for the country.

Michael B Jordan portrays the young soldier, as he falls in love with Adams. Their life is filled with heartfelt moments as they wander the Big Apple together. However, it never remains this peaceful when King is deployed to Iraq.

There he documents his experiences and life lessons for his unborn son, but it’s all the more heartbreaking to learn that the father and son never meet.

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Who was A Journal For Jordan’s real Charles Monroe King?

King was born in June 1958 in Mobile, Alabama.

His life was completely different before he joined the Army in 1987. He attended Cuyahoga Community College and then studied at the Art Institute of Chicago before becoming an illustrator.

He worked as a fashion illustrator in Montgomery and an advertising illustrator in his hometown.

A talented artist, he illustrated for children’s book, and several of his paintings were displayed in the Pentagon during a Black History Month celebration in the late 1990s.

Canedy wasn’t his first fiancee: he married shortly after joining the forces and welcomed daughter Christina – some details of the struggling marriage were revealed in the memoir.

After the divorce, he eventually met Canedy at her old home in Radcliff and they got engaged around the same time he received orders to Iraq.

Their wedding date was set for 9 June 2007, the day between their birthdays. Weeks before his December 2005 deployment, Canedy gifted King a journal after fears that he wouldn’t return from the mission. It was a way for him to speak to his future son, Jordan.

The 1st sergeant unfortunately died at age 48 on 14 October 2006 in Baghdad, after a bomb exploded beneath his armored vehicle in Iraq.

Jordan was six months old at the time.

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