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Is Blake Lively in Red Notice? Ryan Reynold's IG photo says yes

Yasmine Leung November 17, 2021
Is Blake Lively in Red Notice? Ryan Reynold's IG photo says yes

Ryan Reynolds’ Red Notice has been a hit on Netflix, claiming the top spot. To celebrate, the actor shared some behind the scenes photos on his Instagram, with one shot including wife Blake Lively – was she in the film?

Red Notice is apparently going to be Ryan Reynolds’ last project for a while, after he announced he’d be taking a break due to filming three movies back to back amid the pandemic.

With Red Notice gaining 148,720,000 viewing hours on Netflix, it’s safe to say he deserves it.

The actor will spending his time with his wife and three daughters instead, he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Speaking of Blake, fans are freaking out after seeing her in costume on the set of Red Notice, prompting them to investigate who she was.

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Palm Springs | Trailer | Showmax

Palm Springs | Trailer | Showmax

Is Blake Lively in Red Notice?

According to Ryan’s photo, yes she is.

Posing next to her husband, she wears a glamourous pink sequined dress with mesh details. Her face is covered by a black and white mask to fit in with masquerade ball scenes midway through the film.

Loyal fans would’ve spotted that it’s the same dress she wore to Cannes Film Festival 2016 when she was pregnant with her second daughter Inez.

However, after a meticulous frame by frame rewatch of the film, Blake shimmering dress and blonde locks are nowhere to be seen in any of the masquerade scenes. Unless she was in the blurred background – she definitely wouldn’t be spotted there.

On the other hand, Ryan does confirm that she was part of filming since he liked fans’ comments saying “WTF BLAKE?”, so we can only assume that a clear shot of her was never included in the final version.

She is also not part of the uncredited cast list on IMDb.

Swifties continue their fan theories

If you didn’t know, Blake is director of Taylor Swift’s music video I Bet You Think About Me, from her album Red.

Red dropped on 12 November, coincidentally the same date of Red Notice’s Netflix release.

In the movie, Gal Gadot apparently has the line “this is why we can’t have nice things”, which is the title of Taylor’s song from album Reputation.

Therefore, Swifties believe that Reputation will be the next re-recorded album to drop.

At the same time, Ed Sheeran makes a hilarious cameo in the film, and again, he features in a song called End Game off of Reputation.

This all sounds far-fetched, but Swifties do have a point here.

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