Who is Billy Barker from Fear Street? Shadyside killer brought to life by stunt actress Emily Brobst

Mafalda Costa July 16, 2021
Who is Billy Barker from Fear Street? Shadyside killer brought to life by stunt actress Emily Brobst


Who is Billy Barker from Fear Street? Shadyside is haunted by many monsters, but one of its creepiest is killer child Billy Barker. Stunt actress Emily Brobst brought the Shadyside killer to life, among many other infamous horror characters.

Who is Billy Barker in Fear Street?

The first part of Netflix horror trilogy Fear Street arrived on the streaming service on Friday, 2 July, with the next two entries released in the coming fortnight.

The trilogy will round off with Fear Street Part 3: 1666 this Friday, 16 July.

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The movies pay homage to 1990s slasher films and are loosely based on the Fear Street books by R.L. Stine, talhough offering a much gorier story than Stine’s more child-friendly Goosebumps novels.

Set in the seemingly cursed town of Shadyside, we soon find out its monsters are people from the past who have been possessed and driven to carry out multiple murders, ending in their own deaths.

One of the infamous Shadyside killers – and one of its creepiest – is a young boy, Billy Barker.

Billy appears in one of the snippets of the killings from Shadyside’s past, wearing a horribly oversized face mask while murdering his sleeping mother in bed.

According to Screen Rant, Josh’s newspaper clipping gives more information into the murder, and we learn Billy massacred his entire family in 1922.

He was a deformed child – teased but not otherwise violent – until he bashed his brothers’ heads in with a baseball bat while they slept and then killed his parents.

Billy is also found dead at the end of the attack (according to the paper) but it’s not clear how he died.

FEAR STREET PART 3: 1666 | Official Trailer | Netflix

FEAR STREET PART 3: 1666 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Meet Fear Street stunt actress Emily Brobst

Portraying Shadyside killer Billy Barker is stunt performer Emily Brobst.

Even though you might not immediately recognise Brobst, she has appeared in more than 100 productions since 2006, according to her IMDb profile.

Brobst’s career is packed with horror movies, including Insidious: The Last Key (2018), Annabelle: Creation (2017), and The Conjuring 2 (2016).

She has also starred in Sony Pictures Studios production The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and in the DC Entertainment production Green Lantern (2011).

The actress is 4ft 10in (1.47m), which explains how she can portray killer child Billy Barker.

Meet the Fear Street killers cast

The first movie, Fear Street: 1994, introduces viewers to Shadyside’s sinister connection to killers and possessions.

FEAR STREET – Cr: Netflix © 2021

Other than Billy Barker, some of the other monsters haunting the town are Ryan Torres (played by David W. Thompson), Ruby Lane (actress Jordyn DiNatale), Pastor Cyrus Miller (portrayed by Michael Chandler), and The Milkman Killer (played by Kevin Waterman).

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