Polish comedy film Squared Love (Miłość do kwadratu) launched on Netflix yesterday, starring Adrianna Chlebicka as Monika / Klaudia. Who is Adrianna Chlebicka?

Meet Polish actress Adrianna Chlebicka

Born in Warsaw, Poland, in January 1994, Adrianna Chlebicka, so far has 14 acting credits to her name.

However, it is her most recent performance, in Netflix’s Squared Love (2021), that has catapulted her to an international audience.

Regardless, she has been building up an audience base in her home country for over a decade. 

Chlebicka first appeared on television screens when she was three years old, in the TV series Boża Podszewka (“God’s Lining”).

Chlebicka’s career took off in 2009, after landing parts in two TV series, both of which continued to run until last year: Television Theater and Ojciec Mateusz (“Father Matthew”).

The following year, in 2010, Chlebicka joined the casts of two other series, Apetyt na zycie (“Appetite for life”) and Samo zycie (“Life itself”).


Since then, her acting career has consisted predominantly of television appearances, in a variety of roles. However, she has also had roles in feature films, namely Beijbi blues (“Baby Blues”) and Historia Roja (“History of Roja”).

How old is Adrianna Chlebicka? Who is she dating?

Adrianna Chlebicka is 27 years old, and stands at 5’8” (173 cm). However, it is not clear if she is dating anyone or not.

Talent agency CoolKeyPlay lists among her skills: horse riding, swimming, fencing, singing, basketball and dance.

She shared her progress with tap-dance to her 27K Instagram followers in 2019.

Chlebicka studied at Warsaw Film School from 2015 to 2018. Her professional showreel (via Vimeo) collects and exhibits some of her performances.

What is Netflix’s Squared Love about?

Adrianna Chlebicka’s latest performance in rom-com Squared Love is as Monika / Klaudia, a schoolteacher who leads a mysterious double life – moonlighting as a glamorous fashion model – in order to pay off her father’s debts.

Directed by television director Filip Zylber, Squared Love premiered on Netflix yesterday, and currently stands at #9 in the UK.

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