The Focus was originally established by GRV Media to provide a platform to support furloughed and out of work journalists, editors, producers and other media professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But this project had become much more than that. As the world has emerged from lockdown into the climate of uncertainty created by the Covid-19 pandemic, tens of thousands of journalists have been laid off and it’s become clear that many internships and junior journalist roles have disappeared. Established journalists may be feeling isolated and undervalued while an entire generation of young, ambitious writers could be left with few opportunities to gain valuable experience and start a career in the profession.

For established media professionals The Focus exists to enable them to publish their views, opinions and take on the news. It has been designed to assist with mental well-being and self-worth and is an opportunity for journalists to provide content on any subject or matter that is close to their hearts. There are no set hours, or minimum article counts. Journalists / editors will work when they feel inspired to do so. No reasonable subject will be off-limits.
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For young journalists, students and graduates, The Focus has a limited number of paid internships through our Writer’s Academy. Our editors will supply instructive feedback throughout the programme, along with tips on using Google Trends, SEO, style guides and other writing tools. You will be given the opportunity to demonstrate that you can write popular content that will resonate with readers. We aim to help equip you with experience to last your entire career.
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