Who was "The Butterfly Man"? Killer Fred Lockhart's chilling crimes explored

Ashley Bautista March 23, 2022
Who was "The Butterfly Man"? Killer Fred Lockhart's chilling crimes explored


Daniel Bryan ‘Bunce’ Napier, AKA, The Butterfly Man, was a vendor who later went on to brutally murder a teenage girl in a chilling twist of events.

The killer had been known as various aliases including Frank or Fred Lockhart, as well as D.B Napier. He was sentenced to death for murder in the 1930s. Born in 1896, he grew up in Georgia and was nicknamed the ‘Butterfly Man’ after making the insects out of paper and selling them.

Photo Taken In Shreveport, United States

Who did The Butterfly Man kill?

According to old articles, Lockhart lured a 16-year-old girl, Maggie Mae Griffin, into the nearby woods and killed her on April 12,1934.

Maggie had been looking for work to raise funds for her wedding, and encountered Lockhart who offered her a job, reports the Shreveport Times.

It is unclear how old Maggie was, as older records say she may have been 14 or 15 years old. The brutal attack saw her raped and stabbed, before her body was attempted to be set alight. It was believed the fire was in a bid to hide the crime.

Her body was found three days later by fisherman. Lockhart was tied to the crime after some of his personal items were discovered at the scene.

Was he ever caught?

Lockhart fled to Tallulah, but was found by investigators and brought back where he confessed to killing Maggie. During his trial a week later, an angry mob tried to seek vengeance but were stopped by the National Guard.

At the same time, another mysterious murder occurred, which saw 13-year-old Mary Phagan killed. People later believed Lockhart may have been the culprit but he was never convicted or officially connected with the slaying. Instead, a man named Leo Frank was charged in connection with Mary Phagan’s death. A violent mob soon after broke him out of jail and lynched him.

Some historians suspect that Lockhart may have been Phagan’s killer as well.

Lockhart was also suspected to be involved in the death of his stepson, but was also not officially convicted.

Is Fred Lockhart aka The Butterfly Man still alive?

The district court jury sentenced Fred Lockhart to death and later Governor O.K. Allen set his execution date as May 18, 1934. He became the last known person to be legally executed by hanging in Caddo Parish, Louisiana.

It’s reported his grave lies in Shreveport’s Greenwood Cemetery and is said to be unmarked. He was 38 years old when he died.

The Butterfly Man case explored in Morbid: A True Crime podcast

The latest episode of Morbid: A True Crime investigates the true crime story of “The Butterfly Man”. The podcast goes into more detail about his character and is currently hosted by autopsy technician Alaina Urquhart and hairstylist Ashleigh Kelley.

The podcast episode details: “Frank Lockhart was known around town as a pretty normal dude who tried to sell handmade butterfly hair clips to make some extra cash.

He and his wife had fallen on hard times and were living in a shelter under an overpass. Little did the sweet townspeople know, this man had escaped prison where he was serving a life sentence for assaulting a young girl and would soon strike again.”

*Morbid posts new podcasts episodes twice a week and they can be accessed through Audioboom, Apple, and also Spotify amongst other streaming services.

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