Where to buy Joe Biden 'Happy Easter' wrapping paper this Christmas

Bruno Cooke November 22, 2022
Where to buy Joe Biden 'Happy Easter' wrapping paper this Christmas
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’Tis the season for tongue-in-cheek wrapping, and celebrating funny memes, and gift-giving, and remembering that time people made up that Joe Biden had wished America a merry Christmas as part of his Easter Sunday message.

Note: he didn’t. He and first lady Dr Jill Biden wished people Happy Easter when it was Easter, and they wish people Happy christmas when it’s Christmas. 

But that doesn’t mean people can’t make jokes, and make jokes they have – and will.

The Internet is home to numerous purchasable examples of clothing items and decorative titbits marrying the traditions of Easter, Christmas and the Fourth of July under Joe Biden’s name. Most of them are ugly sweaters, but there is also wrapping paper.

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Where to buy Christmas wrapping paper featuring Joe Biden saying ‘Happy Easter’

Christmas wrapping paper featuring Joe Biden and “Happy Easter” references is available to buy on Etsy.

Find it here. However, be aware that it is printable wrapping paper. By buying it, you’re not buying physical wrapping paper. You have to print it.

When you buy it, you’ll get a digital download in PDF format. It comes with instructions for how to print it, and recommendations regarding paper stock and size.

Once you have purchased it, the Joe Biden Christmas/Happy Easter wrapping paper will be available to download. Find it in your Etsy purchases. 

Christmas With You | Official Trailer | Netflix

Christmas With You | Official Trailer | Netflix

Does it ship to Canada and Europe or just the US?

Because it’s a digital download, you can buy it (in theory) from anywhere.

This specific seller includes a Tabloid/Ledger printable PDF file for an 11in by 7in printout for US customers.

For those in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, it’ll come in the form of an A3 printable PDF file, size 29.7cm by 42cm.

All files are “print only.” In other words, you can’t open them with any software other than Adobe Reader. That’s so as to avoid anyone copying it for reselling it for their own benefit.

Photo by Rick Loomis/Getty Images

There are other Joe Biden ‘Happy Easter’ Merry Christmas crossovers besides wrapping paper

It’s not just wrapping paper that the meme has jumped to.

You can get Merry 4th Of Easter ugly sweaters, or sweaters with Biden wearing a Santa hat and asking, “Where am I?”

There are also badges, hoodies, T-shirts and mugs bearing the joke. 

For Biden’s political opponents, the Merry Christmas/Happy Easter crossover meme migrating over to wrapping paper may be a manifestation of a broader stance against him. But those who intend to vote for Biden in the 2024 presidential election may also find amusement in the joke.

Plus, wrapping paper digs travel in both directions. See below.

There is also wrapping paper with Donald Trump’s face on it

You knew there would be.

Head over to Amazon, Etsy, Zazzle or Walmart to find a collection of wrapping paper designs featuring the visage of former president Donald Trump. 

And let it be known that not all Joe Biden wrapping paper mocks the current US president. Some options allow buyers to modify the message; others just have a repeated pattern of his face.

People has a list of 22 confirmed and rumored Republican and Democratic candidates for the 2024 presidential election. It includes both Biden and Trump, but there are some other names on the list you might find interesting. See it here.

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