What’s the meaning of the Maleficent tattoo according to TikTok?

Amber Peake September 20, 2022
What’s the meaning of the Maleficent tattoo according to TikTok?
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While Maleficent is known to Disney fans as one of the franchise’s iconic villains, users on TikTok have put a dark spin on the meaning behind getting the character tattooed.

When scrolling through your For You Page on TikTok, you may have come across posts from users discussing getting ink of the Disney villain Maleficent.

The #maleficenttattoo hashtag currently has almost 400,000 views, with many of its top videos hinting at a possible deeper meaning behind the ink.

As the tattoo trends across the platform, others have wondered about the meaning behind Maleficent tattoos. We explore the meaning behind the ink as TikTok users offer a darker explanation.

Hocus Pocus 2 | Official Clip | Disney+

Hocus Pocus 2 | Official Clip | Disney+

TikTok puts dark spin on meaning behind Maleficent tattoos

Videos discussing Maleficent tattoos have been circulating across TikTok as users have hinted at a deeper reason in why they want to get the character tatted.

Many videos seem to base around a fictional dialogue with the character as they tell her that she inspired their first tattoo. In the videos, the Disney villain responds, hinting that they know why they chose to get the ink. 

The TikTok uploads appear to have left many wondering about the significance behind the ink, although others have offered a meaning. One user suggested the tattoo reflects how the person who gets it done has been betrayed by someone they loved and trusted.

In the comments of another video on getting a Maleficent-inspired tattoo, a user continued to mention how the character had their wings taken away from them and was betrayed by someone that she loved and that they related with to the experience.

For those who haven’t watched the 2014 Maleficent film, which explores the untold story of the villain, in the film the character loses her wings through the betrayal of the man she loved, Stefan. As explained by NDTV, the betrayal saw the character transform into a hardened version of themselves, presenting the villain Disney fans are now familiar with.


#greenscreen the maleficent tattoo means you have been betrayed by someone you love and trust🫶🫶

♬ everything I wanted – Evil☆

Other meanings align more with the character’s name 

As defined by Collins Dictionary, the character’s name means to cause or be capable of mischief or evil. A definition in Urban Dictionary explores this concept further as it splits the meaning into two as it says it could mean an individual is “magnificently evil” or that they could look evil but are actually not.

The blog site, Vse O Tattoo is seen to lean into the idea of a hardened exterior and a softer inside as it explains the juxtapositions of the character’s traits, e.g. “proud but compassionate” and how she is “strong and powerful” but still has her own insecurities.

A second blog, Vocal Media, also discusses the concept of the good and evil natures of the character as they describe her to be a “true symbol of yin and yang.”

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You may just also be a Disney fan

While some have projected a deeper meaning to the character ink, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the meanings behind all Maleficent tattoos. 

Tattoos are subjective, and while some may choose to have a specific meaning behind an ink, others may opt to get one done because they simply like the design.

While some Disney fans fall head over heels for the princes and princess’ others have shared their love for the villains of the franchise. 

Maleficent is not the only Disney villain to be inked by fans over the years, as others have also had Ursula, Jafar, and Hades tattooed.

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