What is the Start Today Walking Challenge 2023? How to join and month plan

Kim Schewitz January 3, 2023
What is the Start Today Walking Challenge 2023? How to join and month plan
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The Start Today Walking Challenge is part of The Today Show’s initiative to help Americans live healthier and more active lives.

This month, the team at The Today Show is encouraging viewers to take part in a 31-day walking and workout challenge in the hope of simply getting people moving more.

The plan is free to download and is accompanied by advice, workout routines, and even meal plans.

We explore the Start Today 2023 Walking Challenge below.

What is the Start Today walking challenge 2023? 

The Start Today walking challenge is a free 31-day plan which can be used as a positive start to the year. You can access a digitalized version of the plan here.

The walking challenge asks participants to do 20 minutes of exercise, five days a week for one month. The plan lays out what type of exercise you should do each day.

For example, on day one, you go for a walk, while on day two, you do 20 minutes of an upper body workout. The framework of the challenge alternates daily between walking, and some kind of workout – either upper body, lower body, or core.

The Challenge is spearheaded by Stephanie Mansour who is a personal trainer and contributing health and fitness writer for TODAY.

What the TODAY Show workout plan has in store

The workouts are outlined and explained in detail by Stephanie Mansour on the Today website.

The lower body workout circuit consists of five exercises that you should repeat ten times on each side. They are walking squats, squats with your knee lifted, side lunge with a twist, half-lunge walking lunges, and standing leg lifts to the back.

The upper body workout also consists of five exercises which should be repeated ten times each. The circuit starts with ten push-ups on the knees, followed by tricep dips, plank to downward dog, lat pull downs, and finally, arms circles forward and backward.

The core workout follows the same structure of five exercises with ten reps. The exercises are crunches with the knees up, crisscross and reaches with knees up, single leg lower and lifts, single leg straight toe touches, and modified side plank (elbow to knee).

The Start Today Newsletter 

There is a also Start Today newsletter that you can sign up for to encourage you and keep you motivated along the way.

The newsletter includes recaps of the daily workouts as well as meal plans, recipes, advice for staying on track, mindfulness and wellness content, and suggested articles on similar topics.

You can sign up for the Start Today newsletter here.

There’s even a Facebook Group for Start Today challenge members

While there is no official membership program for the Start Today walking challenge, there is a Facebook group you can join to connect with others embarking on the same fitness journey as you.

The group is simply called Start Today and currently has 125.7K members. With 3,868 posts in the last month, it is certainly an active community.

As well as providing details on the physical element of the walking and workout challenge, the Start Today team encourages participants to connect with each other.

Stephanie Mansour also stresses the importance of getting in a positive mindset and “having a clear-cut plan to reach your goals instead of making vague resolutions” to make the most of the challenge.

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