Vans Horror Collection 2021: Price, where to buy and more

Yasmine Leung October 1, 2021
Vans Horror Collection 2021: Price, where to buy and more
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Clothing brand Vans has released a horror-themed collection in time for Halloween 2021 that’s inspired by iconic scary movies. What’s the price of each item and where can you buy them?

Spooky sneakers for the season

Halloween-lovers are being smothered with new releases from huge brands this year. First, Starbucks announced the arrival of its Halloween tumblers, featuring glow-in-the-dark cold cups, and now Vans has got spooky kicks to offer.

When you think of horror films, The Shining, It and Nightmare On Elm Street probably spring to mind. Vans has chosen to focus on eight iconic horror films for its new range of footwear and apparel.

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Vans horror 2021: price and a peek at the collection

Friday The 13th

The Friday The 13th line features eight products, including hoodies, socks and a backpack. The coolest element is the glow-in-the-dark feature on the apparel, where the writing and Jason’s mask glow.

In terms of footwear, a blood-dripping pattern decorates the Vans chequerboard slide-on, while the classic slip-on features the hockey mask.

  • Slide-On: $45
  • Pullover Hoodie: $74.50
  • Slip-On: $65
  • Snapback Hat: $35
  • Pullover Crew: $64.50
  • Long Sleeve BFF Tee: $44.50
  • Backpack: $46
  • Socks: $15
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The Shining

Designs for Stephen King’s novel have been split between the iconic yellow colour with the original poster graphics on the Sk8-Hi Vans, while the rest of the collection is light blue featuring the creepy twins.

  • Hat: $36
  • Slip-On: $65
  • Hoodie: $74.50
  • Classic Sk8-Hi: $75
  • Long Sleeve Baby Tee: $39.50
  • Socks: $14
  • Long Sleeve T-Shirt: $39.50


Pennywise’s signature smile and the eerie red balloon feature on Vans’ It products. It’s not much, but what else would you need?

  • Hoodie: $74.50
  • Shoes: $65
  • Socks: $15
  • Tee: $39.50
  • Lowland CC: $100
  • Hat: $32

Nightmare On Elm Street

  • Backpack: $40
  • T-Shirt: $39.50
  • Sk8-Hi: $80
  • Cross Body Bag: $40

The Exorcist

  • Old Skool Shoes: $75
  • T-Shirt: $34.50

The Lost Boys

  • Hoodie: $74.50
  • Style 47 Creeper: $90

The Billion Dollar Code | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Billion Dollar Code | Official Trailer | Netflix

Where to buy Vans X Horror 2021

Exclusively available from Vans, the best option is to order the products online and get them delivered. At the time of writing, stores are out of stock of the horror collection.

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